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Guest Rooms

All lighting in THE KNOT was originally designed. In the corridor you pass by wallpaper with modern designs that take inspiration from nature: waves of light, auroras, or changes in the earth’s strata. The concept of the rooms is “Modern & Nature,” and each welcomes guests with a feeling of warmth and openness.

The materials used in the rooms help root you to Hokkaido—from the walls of Donan Japanese cedar in the bigger rooms to the Sapporo nanseki soft stone side tables beside every bed. The headboard doubles as a kind of center piece that can also be used to rest against after a great day. Our cozy rooms are designed as a place for maximum relaxation.

Restaurants & Shops

Seico mart


Seicomart has been responding to the needs of local Hokkaido people and tourists alike since 1971. The parent group, Secoma Group, deal in everything from raw material production to global procurement; manufacturing and logistics to retail. The product lineup never sways from this Hokkaido upbringing.

“Hot Chef” is a concept unique to Secoma Group that was created in their continued pursuit of deliciousness. Having a kitchen in each store to whip up bento, rice balls, and other prepared meals, means the food is hot and much fresher than if coming from a large dispatch center. Enjoy seasonal menus as well as classics like freshly-fried katsu placed neatly on rice and scrambled eggs for their katsu-don, fried chicken with store made batter, and croissants with fermented Hokkaido butter.


Sapporo Senshuan

Established in 1921, this famous Japanese confectionery brand produces both old and new sweets following time-honored methods. Only in the main store can you watch the craftsman prepare the sweets while snacking on a freshly baked North Man adzuki bean pie. Also at this store you can drink fresh water from 90m underground, a source that was selected in 2008 as a ‘famous water of Sapporo’. A perfect way to wash down a North Man.

Les bois


Carefully-selected ingredients from across Hokkaido are transformed into beautiful dishes by the French-influenced chef and into luxurious desserts by the chef pâtissier. The theme of the menus is “flowers,” and so that you can enjoy the dishes with your eyes too, many have been garnished with richly colored, pesticide-free edible flowers. Familiar ingredients become new and exciting, each representing Japan with elements of surprise and deliciousness.