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Delivering peace of mind to every corner of Hokkaido, a store for every need.

Seicomart has been responding to the needs of local Hokkaido people and tourists alike since 1971. The parent group, Secoma Group, deal in everything from raw material production to global procurement; manufacturing and logistics to retail. The product lineup never sways from this Hokkaido upbringing.

“Hot Chef” is a concept unique to Secoma Group that was created in their continued pursuit of deliciousness. Having a kitchen in each store to whip up bento, rice balls, and other prepared meals, means the food is hot and much fresher than if coming from a large dispatch center. Enjoy seasonal menus as well as classics like freshly-fried katsu placed neatly on rice and scrambled eggs for their katsu-don, fried chicken with store made batter, and croissants with fermented Hokkaido butter.


About Seicomart

The Secoma Group engages in everything from raw material production to procurement, manufacturing, logistics, and retail. Born and raised in the rich Hokkaido land, they understand more than anyone else the value of Hokkaido’s superb resources and delicious produce.
They are particular about making products from high-quality Hokkaido ingredients, and are proud to share the unparalleled flavors of their local land at a reasonable price. Dairy products, small dishes using local ingredients, and Seicomart originals form a selection of low-price, high-value Hokkaido products.


About “Hot Chef”

As a result of relentlessly pursuing the idea of delivering delicious food, Secoma settled on a method of in-store cooking to allow them to serve meals hot and ready-to-eat. Freshly cooked rice is used for their onigiri (rice balls) and katsu-don, which are available alongside fried chicken, hot fries, and various other seasonal and ever-changing dishes. Come and experience the “Hot Chef” taste for yourself.


The Secoma Group imports wine directly, and due to their well-honed and streamlined importing process, they can provide quality wines at reasonable prices. Inside Seicomart is also a souvenir corner with items made with local Hokkaido ingredients and other goods that are only available here. Also only at THE KNOT SAPPORO’s store, you can treat yourself to a freshly brewed coffee with beans from Sapporo Coffee Kan, a historic Sapporo institution since its founding in 1982.


16-2 Minami 3 Nishi 3, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0063
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