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"A Cozy Yet Stimulating Lounge"

The city of Sapporo has developed into a major city
in just over 150 years since it was first founded.

This area that was originally a plain covered in fields
was chosen for the capital of Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido
because it provided solid ground and natural spring water.

It was this spring water fed by rivers
flowing from the mountains a few miles away
that enabled the city to grow to its current size.

The elegant neighborhoods, people, and lifestyle of the city
were all nurtured within the surroundings
of Hokkaido’s magnificent natural environment.

Our aim is to make THE KNOT SAPPORO
into Sapporo’s lounge,
providing a contemporary, elegant experience
typical of the Susukino district,
where the hotel is located.

At the same time, we want the hotel to take its design cues
from the natural environment and culture of these northern lands
in order to transport guests’ imaginations
from the hustle and bustle of the big city to the natural world beyond.

Amid décor that combines the warmth
of materials produced locally in Hokkaido with avant-garde urban design,
guests will find art inspired by a yearning for nature.

The guest rooms afford views
onto the faraway mountains,
as well as the nightlife district nearby.

The hotel’s lobby lounge
combines the calming atmosphere
of a country lodge where one can relax by the fireplace
with the lively atmosphere created by drinks and music.

Both the great outdoors and the big city
harbor an energy with the power to enthrall people,
and Sapporo’s culture would not be what it is today
if either of these two elements were missing.

We aspire to join forces with the neighborhoods and people of Sapporo
to create a new culture and design approach
that blends the cozy warmth of nature with the stimulation of the city.