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Guest Rooms

In contrast to the bustling 14th floor, the guest room floors give a sense of tranquility.
The moment the elevator dings open, our symbolic red color stands out against the otherwise soft grey tones. Typography art using multiple languages evokes the idea that this space is open to all and everyone is treated as equals. The indirect lighting in each room is an original design, creating a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere.Check out the coasters and other amenities designed by artists with connections to Hiroshima too.

Restaurant & Bar



Sake brewing has been handed down from generation to generation in Japan and Hiroshima, and this tradition is honored at Bar Kei. It is a place where hotel guests and locals alike can make new discoveries and enjoy Hiroshima and Setouchi with local sakes and other drinks, made by modern craftsmen in the spirit of the old and new.

Also on the menu are snacks and sweets made with ingredients unique to Hiroshima, which can be enjoyed in a pairing with sake, shochu, beer, wine, and whisky, from Japan and abroad.



All-day dining at MORETHAN offers something for everyone, from a balanced morning breakfast to a leisurely evening catch-up. Relax in the homey atmosphere over freshly sliced prosciutto, wood-fired pizza, meat and vegetables cooked over charcoal fire, beautiful pasta meals and more, all with a glass of natural wine or seasonal tea in hand.

Meeting & Event Spaces

Our spaces can be used for a variety of purposes,
including private parties, wedding after-parties, or even corporate conferences.