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"A Studio High Above the City"

Craftsmanship in Hiroshima has been handed down
from one generation to the next since the time of the shoguns.

Within a rich natural environment
enclosed by the mountains and the sea,
artisans in industries of all kinds
have played key roles in the city’s development.

The passion these artisans invest in painstaking craftsmanship rooted in the local area forms the very identity of Hiroshima and the lifestyle it has created today.

Located in central Hiroshima, a place symbolizing peace that attracts visitors from within Japan and overseas,
THE KNOT HIROSHIMA is somewhere people can enjoy a diverse range of culture and experience Hiroshima’s latest attractions.

It sets the scene for unexpected interactions
and the emergence of something new:
interiors that combine craftwork with modern design,
Western snacks with a local Setouchi twist served at the bar,
a rooftop where conversation flows
while overlooking the symbolic sights of Hiroshima.

The entire hotel evokes an artisanal studio.

Against a backdrop of living history,
Hiroshima is evolving for a new generation,
combining tradition and progress, home life and travel,
lasting heritage and changing trends.

Our mission at THE KNOT HIROSHIMA is to bring
a wide range of cultures from all over the world
into contact with the craftsmanship in this studio,
so that these two elements together
create a culture and experience unique to Hiroshima.

We will continue to generate new value high above the city.