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"Diversity and Openness"

Combining the cluttered streets of Kabuki-cho and Golden-gai
with the orderliness of West Shinjuku’s office district,
Shinjuku is more diverse than any other area of Tokyo
in terms of its culture and people.

This neighborhood, which undergoes a dramatic transformation as day turns to night,
bustles with people of all ages, nationalities, and genders
who live, work, visit, and enjoy themselves here.

Shinjuku’s colorful personalities
neither exclude nor interfere with each other,
but one way or another they connect.

The broad-mindedness that enables tolerance of
such loose connections is probably Shinjuku’s greatest attraction.

THE KNOT TOKYO SHINJUKU faces onto Shinjuku Central Park, which was the primary source of inspiration during its creation.

Accordingly, the hotel reflects not only the broad-mindedness of Shinjuku itself,
but also the openness to all visitors that distinguishes this park.

Intended not for a particular type of person or activity,
nor to be used solely for accommodation or dining,
it is available to all, whether for work, play, or relaxation.

We want THE KNOT TOKYO SHINJUKU to be somewhere
a diverse array of lifestyles can intersect within the same space.