Chef’s plate and Original Cocktail start Valentine’s Day version

Feb 03, 2024

We start the new way to enjoy our Lounge with KNOT Coins. Please exchange KNOT Coins at the counter and enjoy your time at THE KNOT with foods, drinks and music. Pass 2-KNOT Coins as an entrance fee, and get chef’s plate.
Click here for detailed information about KNOT Hour.

Chef’s plate for Valentine’s Day with cute heart-shaped chocolate accents and colorful fruits at “KNOT Hour” will be available for 12days only from February 3. Underneath the chocolate heart in the center is a playful decoration of chocolate sauce that can be enjoyed as a cold chocolate fondue.

Enjoy two limited edition cocktails during both periods.

Original Cocktail “Black Berry”
6-KNOT Coins / Cash ¥1,800

The elegant ruby-colored cocktail is based on rum with espresso and cocoa brown liqueur
for a bittersweet flavor, accented with sweetness from the strawberry syrup.

Original Non-Alcoholic Cocktail “Chocorange”
4-KNOT Coins / Cash ¥1,200

The light, fresh cream in the sweetened hot chocolate treats for both adults and children.
The orange sauce and orange peel garnish for a cute finishing touch.

■Hours and place
[Hours] 4:00pm~11:00pm (L.O.10:30pm)
[Venue] 2F LES BOIS

■How to play
1.Give 2-KNOT Coins as a entrance fee, and get chef’s plate.
*The number of coins required will change for the event.
2.Please decided your order.
3.Bring your KNOT Coins and go to the counter.
4.Let’s exchange KNOT Coins at the counter if you need more, KNOT coins.

■KNOT Coin Price
5-KNOT Coins ¥1,000(Included tax)