original cocktail “Red Shiso Cocktail”

Nov 10, 2022

We introduce our original cocktail “Red Shiso Cocktail”.

“Red Shiso Cocktail” is from Toyako Town and just sweet enough with a subtle Red Shiso flavor. Enjoy its bright
color and refreshing aroma!

This is “KNOT Hour” limited Cocktail, so please exchange it for 2-KNOT Coins.
KNOT Hour information is below.

■Hours and place
[Hours] 4:00pm~11:00pm (L.O.10:30pm)
[Venue] 2F LES BOIS

■How to play
1.Give 2-KNOT Coins as a entrance fee, and get chef’s plate.
*The number of coins will change during the event.
2.Please decided your order.
3.Bring your KNOT Coins and go to the counter.
4.Let’s exchange KNOT Coins at the counter if you need more, KNOT coins.

■KNOT Coin Price
5-KNOT Coins ¥1,000(Included tax)

You can bring foods and drinks which you buy at other store. In that case, you give us 2-KNOT Coins for entrance fee (coming with chef’ s plate) and 3-KNOT Coins for table charge.
*Visitor will be charged on a 90-minute basis.