A New Addition to the Menu

September 07, 2023

A New Addition to the Menu

In addition to Gateau au Chocolat, and Tea Chiffon Cake, Mont Blanc and Apple Pie are newly added.

Mont Blanc
Apple Pie 
All Cakes

Richly flavored Mont Blanc with full of autumn taste and mildly sweet Apple Pie decorated with lovely apples.
You can choose your favorite combination from Cake and Set Drink.

[Set Drink]
Coffee, Decaf Coffee(HOT), Iced Coffee, Cafe Latte(HOT/ICE), Caramel Latte(HOT/ICE), Matcha Latte(ICE), Hot Tea, Iced Tea, Cola, Ginger Ale, Orange Juice, Apple Juice

[Hours] Weekdays 10:00am – 5:00pm /Weekend 10:00am – 6:00pm
・Gateau au Chocolat  [ Cake ] ¥750 /[ Drink Set ] ¥1,200
・Mont Blanc   [ Cake ] ¥750 /[ Drink Set ] ¥1,200
・Apple Pie   [ Cake ] ¥750 /[ Drink Set ] ¥1,200
・Tea Chiffon Cake  [ Cake ] ¥850 /[ Drink Set ] ¥1,300