New Parfaits & Ice Cream

March 01, 2023

New Parfaits & Ice Cream

Fresh strawberry parfait, mellow chocolate parfait and ice cream are new to the menu.

[Parfait au Chocolat]
Bitter parfait with the aroma of Belgian chocolate cacao.
It is accented with brownies, cacao nibs, and chocolate crunch textures.

[Parfait au Fromage]
A parfait of rich ice cream made with mascarpone cheese and milk from Hokkaido.
Strawberries and sweet raspberry sauce give it a rich flavor.

[Mascarpone Ice Cream]
Mascarpone ice cream made with luxurious Hokkaido mascarpone cheese and milk.

[Chocolate Ice Cream]
Rich and bitter flavor chocolate ice cream with the aroma of Belgian chocolate cocoa.

[Hours] Weekdays 10:00am – 5:00pm /Weekend 10:00am – 6:00pm
・Parfait au Chocolat ¥1,200
・Parfait au Fromage ¥1,200
・Mascarpone Ice Cream ¥400
・Chocolate Ice Cream ¥400