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On the top floor of THE KNOT YOKOHAMA there are five unique rooms decorated with vintage furniture and decor. Each room has its own vibe and characteristics, although all are inspired by the design of the American 50s and 60s.




Located on the 10th floor of THE KNOT YOKOHAMA, the V.I.P. cabins are designed for travelers who love the Cruise Ship THE KNOT, and who embark on their journeys from the port city of Yokohama. The vintage furniture and decor that brighten the rooms, mainly from 50s and 60s America, are all favorites from worldly encounters had by people from all over the world.

Characteristics of The Room

A deep beige-grey colored carpet and herringbone floor. A textured white and gray ceiling. Walls made from aged wainscoting, white mortar-like wallpaper, or deep olive green paint. Each element comes together to create a space with a vintage feel that perfects the balance between aesthetic and practical. This furniture and decor are one-of-a-kind pieces purchased by ACME Furniture, and the bath amenities were made exclusively for THE KNOT ROOM by historic American brand C.O. Bigelow. 


In the corner of the top floor is the one and only THE KNOT SUITE. At 49m2, the room can accommodate up to three guests.

The unique space consists of living room and bedroom, and is dotted with vintage-style furniture throughout. From the large glass windows, the light shines through from morning to dusk, shifting the way the room expresses itself as the day passes by. 

The private space lends itself perfectly to time alone, time with a loved one, or time with close friends or family.

Furniture and decor are all one-off from local brand ACME Furniture.

Enjoy the luxury and individuality of the SUITE ROOM.

Peaceful beige-grey tones and vintage wood prepare you for a comfortable sleep.

A classic and sophisticated bathroom with Terrazzo  countertops, monochrome tiles, and grey and brass gold accents.

Try out the Marshall speakers for high quality sound. Sit in a vintage chair by the window and play your favorite songs for a moment that belongs purely to you.


On the 10th floor are four twin rooms, each with a different design. They range from 22.62m2 to 31.85m2 and sleep between two and four people depending on room type.

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience in the thoughtfully designed THE KNOT ROOM. You can relax here from morning to night, watching the light change through the impressive windows that overlook Yokohama.


Capacity: two people, 23m2. Two variations

Light pours in directly from the bedside
Large windows illuminate the room from the foot of the beds.

A warm solid wood table and a large homey sofa. Crisp interior design complete with olive green walls, and original amenities only available exclusively in THE KNOT ROOM.

THE KNOT Family Twin

Capacity: three people, 25m2.

An expressive leather sofa with and a long desk near a big window. A perfectly-sized space to spend the day relaxing in.

The walls of each THE KNOT ROOM are adorned with photos of Yokohama city and its surroundings.

Many of the photos are of the ocean that can also be seen through the characteristic large, open windows.

THE KNOT Large Twin

Capacity: four people, 31m2.

The largest room in THE KNOT Twin, illuminated by natural light.

With a globe by your bedside, you can plan your next trip.