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"Fusion and Succession of History"

Since Yokohama’s port started operations in 1859,
the city has become a symbol of Japan’s openness to the world,
producing groundbreaking cultural exchange.

A virtuous cycle of repeatedly assimilating,
incorporating, and reshaping
new industries and cultures arriving from overseas
has created the Yokohama we know today.

Yokohama’s historic architecture and ships demonstrate
design values and artistry that marry the modern and the traditional.

Daily life in the city is imbued with a combination of Western and Asian influences,
and its cuisine in particular vividly reflects this duality.

This virtuous cycle born of intermingling without barriers
preserves the heritage of each era and generation,
creating an eternally multifaceted city.

THE KNOT YOKOHAMA grew out of our ambition to create a hotel that evokes the passenger ships crisscrossing the port,
connecting those who live in the open, welcoming city of Yokohama with those who travel there.

When Japan opened up to the world in the 19th century
and during its reconstruction following the Second World War,
its people encountered other countries’ cultures and their imaginations were transported to lands far across the seas.

In the same way,
this hotel takes the imaginations of this city’s residents and visitors on a journey,
like a huge ship traversing the ocean.

Having launched THE KNOT’s journey
in this port city of Yokohama,
we continue to steer the brand forward,
aspiring to make THE KNOT YOKOHAMA into a new symbol for the city.