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Stay Stipulation

Application of this “Terms and Conditions”

Article 1

  1. Accommodation bookings and contracts related to these bookings concluded by HOTEL THE KNOT YOKOHAMA (hereinafter called”the Hotel”) shall be in accordance with these “Terms and Conditions and items not stipulated herein shall be governed by laws and regulations or customs.
  2. Notwithstanding the stipulations in the previous paragraph, the Hotel may enter into special bookings if the scope of such bookings does not violate the purport of these Terms and Conditions, laws and regulations or customs.

Denial of Accommodation

Article 2

The Hotel may refuse accommodation in the case of the following.

  1. When the application for accommodation is not in accordance with these Terms and Conditions
  2. When no rooms are available due to being fully booked
  3. When it is discerned that a potential guest may engage in activities which are in violation of laws and regulations or public order or morality while being accommodated
  4. When it is discerned that a potential guest is clearly suffering from an infectious disease
  5. When particularly demanding requirements are made with respect to accommodation
  6. When the Hotel is unable to offer accommodation due to natural disasters, breakdowns of facilities, or other reasons beyond the control of the Hotel
  7. When a potential guest is intoxicated or in a similar state and it is feared they may cause significant disturbance to other guests or staff
  8. When it is feared that a potential guest may engage in speech and behavior which may cause significant disturbance to other guests or staff
  9. When it is feared that the room may be occupied by more guests than permitted
  10. When it is feared that a potential guest may cause disturbance to other guests by bringing in items including but not limited to explosives, pets or weapons
  11. When a potential guest is an organized crime group organized crime group member or affiliate subject to the Law for the Prevention of Wrongful Acts by Organized Crime Groups
  12. When a potential guest has in the past been subject to the application of Article 12 herein
  13. When a potential guest does not provide the information required in Article 3 or provides false information

Provision of Name and other Information

Article 3

The Hotel may require potential guests to provide the following information,

  1. Name, sex,contact details (telephone number) and occupation of guests (including all guests sharing the accommodation)
  2. Other information required by the Hotel

Formation of Accommodation Booking

Article 4

  1. The accommodation booking is formed when the Hotel consents to an application for accommodation by a potential guest.
  2. When an accommodation booking is formed in accordance with the preceding stipulation, the potential guest shall pay the Hotel a deposit specified by the Hotel, with an upper limit of the basic accommodation charge for the period of stay (or three days if the period of stay exceeds three days), by the date and method specified by the Hotel.
  3. The deposit shall first be applied towards the final accommodation charge owed by the guest, and in the event of the application of Article 6 or 124 herein the deposit shall then be applied to penalty charges and damages in that order, and if there is any money remaining, it shall be returned upon payment of charges in accordance with the provisions in Article 10 herein.

Special Bookings Which Do Not Require a Deposit

Article 5

  1. Notwithstanding the provisions in Paragraph 2, Article 4, the Hotel may, after formation of a booking, enter into a special booking contract which does not require the payment of such deposit provided for in the aforesaid paragraph.
  2. In the event that the Hotel does not demand payment of a deposit in accordance with Paragraph 2, Article 4 or fails to specify a due date for payment of such deposit when consenting to an application for an accommodation booking, the application shall be handled as a special contract in accordance with the preceding paragraph.

Guest’s Right of Cancellation

Article 6

  1. Guests shall have the right to cancel accommodation bookings upon application to the Hotel.
  2. In the event that a guest cancels all or part of an accommodation booking for reasons attributable to themselves, the Hotel shall charge a cancellation fee in accordance with Appendix 1 attached hereto.
  3. The Hotel may deem that a guest has canceled an accommodation booking and treat the booking as canceled when a guest fails to pay such deposit provided for in Paragraph 2, Article 4 herein by the date specified by the Hotel in accordance with the provisions in the aforesaid paragraph or when the guest fails to arrive at the Hotel by eight o’clock in the afternoon of the check-in date of accommodation booking and fails to contact the Hotel by such time (or fails to arrive by such time as specified in advance as being the expected time of arrival if specified).
  4. In the event that an accommodation booking is deemed to be canceled in accordance with the provisions in the previous paragraph, if it is proven that the guest’s failure to arrive without contacting the Hotel was due to failure of public transport including but not limited to trains and planes to arrive, or other reasons not attributable to the guest, the Hotel shall not charge a cancellation fee in accordance with Paragraph 2 above.

The Hotel’s Right of Cancellation

Article 7

The Hotel may cancel the accommodation booking in the following situations.

  1. In the case of occurrence or discovery of situations provided for in Paragraphs 3 to 13, Article 2 herein
  2. In the case of failure to register in accordance with Article 8 or false registration
  3. In the case of failure to pay accommodation charges in accordance with Article 10

Accommodation Registration

Article 8

Guests shall register the following information at the front desk of the Hotel on the day of their check in. The private information registered by guests is for use in carrying out the accommodation duties in accordance with laws and regulations and shall not be used for any other purpose.Furthermore, there may be situations in which we confirm a reservation by telephone, mail, facsimile, electronic mail or other means.Moreover, the Hotel shall not disclose or supply a guest’s private information to a third party unless required to do so in accordance with laws and regulations.

  1. Name, address, contact details(telephone number) and occupation of guests
  2. Nationality and passport number if a guest is a foreign citizen (We may take a photocopy of the guest’s passport.)
  3. Planned check-out date
  4. Other information as deemed necessary by the Hotel

Hours of Use of Rooms

Article 9

  1. Guests may use the Hotel’s rooms from three o’clock in the after-noon to eleven o’clock the following morning except in the case of consecutive nights’ accommodation the guest may use the room twenty-four hours a day with the exception of the day of check in and the day of check out.
  2. Notwithstanding the provisions of the previous paragraph, the Hotel may authorize the use of its room at times other than specified in the aforesaid paragraph. In this case, the Hotel shall charge an extension fee
    1. Until two o’clock in the afternoon on the day of check out:1,000 yen per hour (Excluding tax)
    2. After two o’clock in the afternoon on the day of check out:100% of room charge (One night’s stay charge on the day of stay)

Payment of Charges

Article 10

  1. Please pay charges in Japanese yen or by credit card recognized by the Hotel or by coupons or other means in accordance with the following guidelines unless otherwise permitted by the Hotel.
    1. We ask that guests pay accommodation charges at the front desk of the Hotel when checking in.
    2. With the exception of (1) above, please pay any charges incurred within the Hotel at the time and place specified by the Hotel.
  2. In the event that a guest does not stay overnight in a room at their own discretion after beginning to use such room, the Hotel shall still charge the accommodation fee.

Observance of Rules of Use

Article 11

Guests must please abide by the Rules of Use of the Hotel specified by the Hotel.

Rejection of Continued Accommodation

Article 12

The Hotel may refuse to offer continued accommodation in the following situations, even during the period of accommodation booking accepted by the Hotel.

  1. In the case of occurrence or discovery of situations provided for in Paragraphs 3 to 13, Article 2 herein
  2. In the case that it becomes clear that false information was provided in the registration required under Article 8 herein
  3. In the case of failure to pay in accordance with Article 10 herein
  4. In the case that guests fail to comply with the Rules of Use as required in the previous article

Accommodation Liability

Article 13

  1. The liability of the Hotel in relation to accommodation begins at the time a guest registers at the front desk of the Hotel and ends at the time a guest vacates their room in order to check out of the Hotel.
  2. If the Hotel becomes unable to provide a room to a guest for reasons not attributable to the Hotel, unless in the case of natural disaster or other such difficulties, the Hotel shall with the guest’s consent assist the quest to find an alternative accommodation with equivalent or similar conditions. In such case, the Hotel shall not charge accommodation charge from the day on which the Hotel became unable to provide a room and thereafter.

Liability of Guests

Article 14

If the Hotel incurs damage due to the deliberate or negligent actions of a guest, such guest shall be liable to pay compensation to the Hotel.

Furniture and Fixtures in the Hotel

Article 15

The Hotel aims to provide services equally to all of its guests.All the furniture and fixtures in the Hotel building are assets managed by the Hotel in order to ensure all of our guests can have a comfortable stay.

  1. In the event that it is found that a guest has removed any furniture or fixtures from the Hotel, the guest shall be liable to pay compensation.

Storage of Luggage or Personal Effects of Guests

Article 16

  1. If a guest’s luggage arrives at the Hotel ahead of the guest, the Hotel will bear responsibility for storage of the luggage only when the Hotel has given its consent prior to the arrival of the luggage, and shall hand over the luggage to the guest when the guest checks in at the front desk.
  2. In the event that a guest forgets and leaves behind luggage or personal effects in the Hotel after checking out the Hotel shall seek instructions on what to do with such luggage or personal effects from such owner if the owner is known.However, if no instructions are received from such owner or the owner is unidentified, the luggage or personal effects shall be kept for a period of seven days including the day of discovery, and thereafter valuables will be delivered to the nearest police station and other articles will be disposed of. (Food and beverages, magazines and newspapers will be disposed of on the day of discovery.)
  3. With regard to guests’ personal effects, if the Hotel stores personal effects for which the guest has declared the type and value,the Hotel shall be liable for compensation for loss, damage or waste of such effects.
  4. The Hotel refuses to keep valuable items including but not limited to money or securities at the front desk.
  5. The Hotel shall not be liable for damages in relation to personal effects of guests which are not kept at the front desk (including personal effects inside the safe where there are safes fitted in the Hotel’s rooms), unless due to willful or negligent actions of the Hotel. Furthermore, in the case of slight negligence of the Hotel, the upper limit for damages paid by the Hotel shall be one hundred and fifty thousand yen(150,000 yen).

Court of Exclusive Agreement Jurisdiction

Article 17

  • The Tokyo Regional Court shall be the first court of exclusive agreement jurisdiction in the event of any disputes regarding these Terms and Conditions or accommodation at the Hotel.
  • Appendix1 Cancellation Charges (related to Paragraph 2, Article 6)
Number of canceled roomsNo ShowDay of BookingOne Day Before2-8 Days Before8-14 Days Before15-30 Days Before
1 to 9 Rooms100%100%
10 Rooms or more100%80%50%30%20%

House Rules

To maintain the hotel’s high standards, guests are requested to observe the following rules in accordance with the “Provisions Governing Accommodation Agreements, Article 11.” In case any of these rules is violated by any guest, his or her stay will be terminated regardless of any previous reservation, in accordance with the “Provisions Governing Accommodation Agreements, Paragraph 4 of Article 12.” Also, the hotel shall not be liable for any damage caused by failure to comply.

1. Fire Prevention

  1. Please review the emergency exit instructions posted on the inside of the guestroom door, and locate the emergency exits promptly upon your arrival.
  2. Please do not bring or use flammable items, such as heating equipment, cooking equipment, and irons except the irons borrowedby the Hotel into the guest rooms.
  3. Do not smoke in bed or in any other place where it presents a fire hazard.
  4. Do not throw tobacco,cigarettes,cigars,ashes,cigar butts or cigarette butts out of the windows.
  5. Please do not touch any fire equipment.

2. Security

  1. Please use the lobby when meeting visitors, Do not invite any visitors into the guestrooms and don’t let visitors use any facilities or room without approval from the manager.
  2. Be sure to lock the door when you leave the room during your stay at the hotel.
  3. In order to maintain proper cleanliness, hotel personnel may enter the guestrooms if necessary. Rooms are cleaned daily. If you will be staying with us more than one day and don’t want your room to be cleaned, our policy is to come in and clean the room at least once every three days. This is necessary for hygiene and security reasons.Thank you for your cooperation.

3. Baggage

  1. Please keep your valuables with you at all times.
  2. Upon request, we’ll keep your baggage or other personal effects for up to on the day after your departure. If unclaimed after the agreed period we reserve the right to dispose of it as we see fit. As noted above, we are not responsible for perishable articles.

4. Payment

  1. Please pay the room charge in advance when you check in.
  2. We will not make payment for hotel bills, taxi fares,other transportation fares,postage stamps or shipping costs on behalf of a guest.
  3. Foreign exchange service is not available at the hotel.
  4. If your reservation schedule is subject to change, please contact the reception in advance. If you are extending stays, please pay the additional charges during extended stays.

5. Prohibited Items

Please do not bring any items into the hotel premises that may cause a nuisance to other guests such as:

  1. Pets
  2. Bicycles, skates, skateboards or in-line skates
  3. Flammable items and/or explosives
  4. Excessively bulky objects
  5. Excessively heavy objects
  6. Excessively odoriferous, dirty or dusty objects
  7. Illegal and/or stolen goods
    1. Please refrain from being intoxicated and disorderly. Do not conduct “rave” parties,frat”parties or other noisy gatherings in
    2. guestrooms. Refrain from rude speech.Do not engage in any conduct that is or may become a nuisance to other guests.
    3. Please do not engage in gambling or in any other unsavory behavior while in the hotel.
    4. Please do not use the lobby or the guestroom as a business office.
    5. Please refrain from smoking in non-smoking rooms or except in the designated smoking areas.
    6. Please do not go out of the guestroom and into other areas such as the hallway or lobby in pajamas and slippers.
    7. Please do not distribute any advertising material and/or sell merchandise to other guests in the hotel without the approval of the management.
    8. Please do not move any furnishings or other permanent items in the guestroom.
    9. Please do not suspend from windows any items that may degrade the appearance of the hotel.
    10. Please do not leave your belongings, such as shoes, unattended in such areas as the hallway or lobby.
    11. Please do not order meals or drinks to be delivered from sources other than the hotel.
    12. If any items, such as furnishings or other equipment of the hotel, are damaged or lost, the actual cost shall be charged to the relevant guest.