TANABATA-themed cocktail and mocktail

Jul 01, 2024

TANABATA-themed cocktail and mocktail

We introduce our original TANABATA themed cocktail “1/365” and mocktail “Thread of Wish” for a limited time only.

“1/365” is the romantic cocktail is a violet-colored gin fizz inspired by the night sky, garnished with a decorative star and colorful sugar reminiscent of the Milky Way in a glass.

“Thread of Wish” is the frozen mocktail is accented with colorful stars inspired by the Tanabata wishing strip. Melon, vanilla ice cream and milk have a gently sweet and smooth taste.

Enjoy both of them with chef’s plate at “KNOT Hour”.


6-KNOT Coins / Cash ¥1,200

Thread of Wish

5-KNOT Coins / Cash ¥1,000

[Hours] 4:00pm~11:00pm (L.O.10:30pm)
[Venue] 2F LES BOIS