Monthly Original Cocktail “Chocolate Espresso Martini”

Feb 01, 2024

THE KNOT HIROSHIMA is offering a monthly cocktail at 14th floor for KNOT Hour limited.
In this month, we are offering “Chocolate Espresso Martini”, the elegantly styled cocktail with the bitter coffee flavor and the slight sweetness of kalua milk, and is garnished by chocolate sauce and coffee beans.

This limited edition cocktail is available in exchange for 7-KNOT coins or 1,500 yen.

KNOT Hour information is below.

[Hours] 2:00pm~11:00pm (L.O.10:30pm)
[Venue] 14F Kei

■How to play
1. Pass 2-KNOT Coins as a entrance fee, and get a little pot of snacks and sweets.
2. Please choose your favorite from the menu.
3. Go to the counter with KNOT Coins and order.
4. Let’s exchange KNOT Coins at the counter if you need more.

■KNOT Coin Price
5-KNOT Coins ¥1,000(Included tax)