MORNIG PLATE is now available with a choice of three different egg dishes !

Jun 16, 2023

THE KNOT HIROSHIMA serves two types of breakfast “MORNIG PLATE” or “MORETHAN SALAD PLATE ” . MORNIG PLATE is served with your choice of Omelette, Scramble eggs, or Eggs Benedict. You can choose whichever you prefer according to your own physical condition that day.You can enjoy our famous freshly baked chewy focaccia as well as salad and soup together.

This plate has seasonal delights, with the salad content changing depending on the season.

[Hours] 7:00am~10:00am (L.O.9:30am)
[Venue] 1F MORETHAN or 14F
[Price]  2,980 yen (tax included) per person