Fusion and Succession of History

Since the opening of its port in 1859,
Yokohama has hosted countless cultural exchanges
and has been a symbol of Japan’s opening to the world.

The consequent openness in the city fosters the fusion of new industries and cultures, and today’s Yokohama was shaped via a cycle of adaptation and rejuvenation.

Both classic and modern designs and art coexist, seen in the historical buildings and ships.

The harmony of Asia and the West is blended into daily life and reflected in the food culture.

The cycle continues as a fusion, inheriting the previous eras and generations, and appearing each time as a different form.

THE KNOT YOKOHAMA was created with the vision that it would be like a cruise ship passing through the harbor, connecting those living and traveling in this open city. When the port opened in 1859 and again during the post-war rebuild,

the people in Yokohama encountered foreign cultures and learned about what was beyond their shores. Similar to the ships that visited the harbor then, THE KNOT YOKOHAMA is like a ship carrying the thoughts of the city and travelers here, connecting the inner and outer worlds.

Passengers and sailors that board this ship and sail to Yokohama add to the fusions that occur at THE KNOT YOKOHAMA to the benefit of the next era and generations.

The journey of THE KNOT begins
in this port city of Yokohama.

This ship, which has just set sail, will stay true to its course.

We will continue to cherish the culture of this city, with our sights set to becoming a new symbol of Yokohama.