Personal Information
Protection Policy

When handling your personal information during the course of our business activities, we shall give first priority to building a relationship of trust with you and taking adequate precautions.
To ensure that we follow the foregoing undertaking, we hereby prescribe the following Personal Information Protection Policy.

Our officers and employees shall make every effort to properly handle and manage personal information within and outside the Company in accordance with this Policy.

  1. Matters Concerning the Collection, Use and Provision of Personal Information

    Registration of Customer Information as Required under Law
    ・For use in sending out merchandize plans and event information as well as other business-promotion purposes.
    ・For use as statistical information (without identifying individuals) for usage-trend surveys, new product development, and customer-satisfaction surveys.
    ・For use when responding in writing, by phone or via e-mail to opinions that you have expressed in questionnaires or the like.
    ・For use in the provision of other services in general.

    When we share your personal information with others, we shall clearly state in advance the items of the data that we use, the scope of the user, the purpose of use, and the name of the company who assumes responsibility for the management of personal information.
    When you request the disclosure, revision or deletion of your collected personal information, we shall respond to the request upon confirmation of your identity.

  2. Matters Concerning Safety Measures for Personal Information

    We shall identify a person who is responsible for handling personal information, the number of such individuals shall be restricted in the minimum number. Furthermore, we shall make every effort to prevent unauthorized access to, or the loss, destruction, amendment, leakage or the like of personal information and take necessary security measures.
    In a case where we outsource the processing of personal information, we shall select a business operator recognized as being capable of protecting and managing personal information appropriately in terms of the handling of personal information and the implementing of security measures for information.
    Furthermore, when outsourcing, we shall provide for matters related to handling of personal information in a contract or the like and we shall expend all possible means to ensure security.

  3. Other Matters

    We have in place in-house regulations concerning the protection and handling of personal information based on relevant norms such as laws related to personal information, Cabinet Orders and Ordinances of Ministries, and guidelines. In addition, we review such regulations wherever necessary and continuously improve them.
    We abide by relevant laws, norms and in-house regulations when handling personal information.

  4. Audits

    We conduct audits to check the performance of Items 1, 2, and 3 above, and we correct any problems found in an audit.

  5. Matters Concerning Website

    The website operated by us (hereinafter referred to as “this site”) pays the utmost attention to the handling and protection of personal information in line with this Policy so that all users can utilize the services at ease and with a sense of safely. However, we cannot assume responsibility for ensuring the safety of personal information about customers on other websites linked to this site. We recommend that you confirm the safety of your personal information by examining the details of the criteria for protecting personal information at other websites, or by directly contacting the other website’s department or person in charge in a case where no criteria for handling personal information appear to have been established.

  6. Regarding the Revision of the Personal Information Protection Policy

    We shall notify you via this website of any material change to this Policy. This Policy may be changed without prior notice, so please confirm the latest information on this website in a timely manner. We shall not assume responsibility for trouble arising due to your failure to confirm the information, so please be understanding of this.

  7. Enquiries Regarding Protection of Personal Information

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