【from the Farm】Ome Farm

MORETHAN sees maintaining relationships with local food producers as a vital way to ensure we get the freshest ingredients. We will be introducing the producers with whom we work on an ongoing basis, starting with Ome Farm located on Tokyo’s western outskirts.

Discover the Fresh Flavors of Tokyo’s Own Native Vegetable Varieties,
Grown Just an Hour’s Train Ride Away.
An hour train ride from Shinjuku takes you to the lush nature of Ome, a rural community nestled amid the foothills and mountains of western Tokyo. This is the home of Ome Farm, which grows both common varieties of vegetables and the more specialized Edo-Tokyo vegetables, which are native to this part of Japan. Here, growing the best vegetables starts with the right soil.
The seeds are planted in rich earth that is nourished solely with fermented, aged compost made entirely of plant-based materials The vegetables become accustomed to the soil through continued planting, similar to the way generations of human residents become rooted to their place of birth. The Terajima eggplant to be used by the GRILL is a native eggplant species with a refreshing taste similar to a green apple when eaten raw. It has long been grown in the Tokyo area and is accustomed to the local soil. We invite you to taste fresh, native vegetables that are delivered directly from the farm. Discover the sublime flavors produced by the local soil, and the subtle differences in taste that come with the changing of the seasons.