【REPORT】- Exhibition Closing Talk + Screening - by Chinatsu Yasuhara August 17th

On August 17th, Chinatsu Yasuhara gave a talk in THE KNOT 2F LOUNGE about her exhibition and her works. Since April 27, her works had been on display in the LOUNGE and this gave her audience a chance to learn more, before it ended on the 20th of August.
For this closing event, a never-before-seen video installation was projected in the Banquet Room. This work was a montage of the final scenes from Chinatsu’s most influential films, with a uniting factor being the presence of Robert DeNiro. Guests relaxed in the aircon with comfy beanbags and a glass of wine, as they watched and absorbed the art surrounding them.
To wrap up, Chinatsu shared her thoughts about the reality and theory of film, and on film-related subject matter. The experience provided guests with a chance to rethink the intersection of art and cinema, and will never look at it the same.