Scents and aromas can trigger the fondest memories of past travels. Let the aromas at MORETHAN’s fine food and drink options create new travel memories.
Relax and chill before or after your day on your feet at the GRILL, TEA STAND, BAKERY, TAPAS LOUNGE, or BANQUET.
Connected as one expansive and open space, each option welcomes guests with the utmost hospitality.

Start your morning with freshly baked bread from the BAKERY while enjoying a cup of aromatic tea from the TEA STAND.
Get it to go and enjoy it in the park just outside the front door. After spending the day exploring the city, come back in the evening to the TAPAS LOUNGE for craft beers and wine at the pinchos bar.
Share some tapas for dinner, or enjoy a full-course meal at the GRILL. End the day with a fine whisk(e)y from the extensive selection offered at the LOUNGE.

Travelers, office workers and local residents alike mingle to enjoy this space.


Dynamic Dining

All-day dining that predicts what you need at any moment. In the morning have freshly baked bread and make your own salad from the day’s fresh selection. For lunch, enjoy a huge buffet with vegetable dishes to cured fish to keema curry to seasonal cake, with endless cups of flavoured teas and of course, bread. In the evening, the pinchos bar sneaks in. Choose from more than ten sushi-inspired pinchos to match your drink. Share with everyone in this open atmosphere and feast on paella and delicious tapas.

Phone number:03-6300-0174


Where Aged and Seasonal Ingredients Meet

If the first floor is a space where Nishi-Shinjuku energy and liveliness overflows, the 2F GRILL is where you can enjoy a slower pace that is unlike Shinjuku at all. The menu centers on fermentation-aged meat grilled in a Josper Oven and is always paired with spectacular producer-recommended seasonal ingredients. Discover local produce that can only be enjoyed here and now in our course offering.


Phone number:03-6276-7654


The Aroma of Nishi-Shinjuku

A tea stand with an incredible aroma that you won’t forget. Using the tips of the new flush of Ceylon tea leaves, the sweetness in our black tea lingers softly but noticeably in the background; our chai brewed slowly with only the highest quality of spices; the tea soda flavored by our homemade tea syrup with tastes of the old world. Each of the teas created to match the season and time. Two varieties are available in teabags for gifts (or for yourself).


Phone number:03-6276-7635


A Bakery with a Story

While delicious in its own right we want you to know the best way of eating it. Enter resident expert, Mr Bread. Find out the best way to store your chosen loaf or what may be the best pairings for it – for over a hundred varieties. Campagne country bread, baguette, Japanese white bread, cheese pretzels, and new seasonal varieties appearing often. Also try our innovative sandwiches that are prepared with breads specifically to match our teas.


Phone number:03-6276-7635


Take a Moment to Relax

The 2F LOUNGE, where you will also find the whisk(e)y lounge, is a sophisticated contrast to the bustling first floor offerings. The space is available for anyone – be it as a gallery, for events or for meetings.


Adapts to any Situation

Use our banquet room as a conference room, for a project kick-off launch party, press party or even a wedding after-party. Attached is the bar counter, so our MORETHAN operations team can provide you with whatever you need for your event. The space can also be rented in combination with your stay, for holding events with family visiting from afar, or other important guests that stay at our hotel.