First Anniversary: Thank You Party After almost 40 years, the Shinjuku New City Hotel closed it doors and opened the way for lifestyle hotel THE KNOT to be established in its place…… view more
THE KNOT TOKYO Shinjuku is a lifestyle hotel that focuses on local connections, emerging art and culture, and people. We are turning one year old this August (although the hotel bu…… view more
Thank you for interest in. However this event is only held in Japanese.
A special ride designed to enjoy the city through photography on Aug 3 (Sat) and Aug 4(Sun). The guide is special guest, Tomohiko Sakata, who has been a resident of the Nishi-Shinj…… view more
We welcomed new pieces by CHINATSU YASUHARA last Monday in our 2F gallery space.
Coffee Experience Ride - Discover something new is a collaboration between Tokyobike and THE KNOT TOKYO Shinjuku. Tokyobike is the best way to cruise around the city, and THE KNOT…… view more
Natural wine, organic wine, bio wine…whatever you call it, it is just good pure wine. You can taste the natural grape flavor, the climate it was grown in, and even, the personality…… view more
The event is on the 18 Sat&19 Sun May. This is a special event that combines the joys of exploring Tokyo by tokyobike, whose bicycles are customized for this city, with the vintage…… view more