We welcomed new pieces by CHINATSU YASUHARA last Monday in our 2F gallery space.
Coffee Experience Ride - Discover something new is a collaboration between Tokyobike and THE KNOT TOKYO Shinjuku. Tokyobike is the best way to cruise around the city, and THE KNOT…… view more
Natural wine, organic wine, bio wine…whatever you call it, it is just good pure wine. You can taste the natural grape flavor, the climate it was grown in, and even, the personality…… view more
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Come join a collage workshop with artist ChangGang Lee and enjoy good music, video art, and natural wine at THE KNOT TOKYO Shinjuku. THE KNOT TOKYO Shinjuku is currently exhibiting…… view more
Come join a bike tour to enjoy great views of cherry blossoms in western Tokyo, led by a guide from tokyobike. Maximum number of participants is 5, early reservations are recommend…… view more
It's the season for new sake or “shinshu" in Japanese. While Japanese sake is usually aged after being pressed, shinshu is the newly pressed sake of the season. THE KNOT TOKYO Shin…… view more
Collecting old magazines and various mixed media, ChangGang Lee recycles these materials into collage art pieces. Depending on the piece, after he arranges a collage, he further la…… view more