THE KNOT TOKYO Shinjuku enables you to enjoy Tokyo like a local.

 Our izakaya bar serves alcohol as well as food such as grilled meat skewers and kakuni, or braised pork belly. Most customers live nearby or drop by after work…… view more
 BERG is a self-service beer restaurant and café located 15 seconds from the East Exit of JR Shinjuku Station. BERG started out as a café in 1970, and we signif…… view more
 I started this shop two and a half years ago. I’ve lived in Nishi Shinjuku for about eight years and it’s an interesting neighborhood with different types of p…… view more
 I’ve loved jazz since I was a student, and frequently visited jazz cafés. Back then, LP records were a luxury and one record cost a third of a new college grad…… view more
 Shinjuku’s Honan Street has been redeveloped and is lined with tall buildings and apartments, but there is a quiet residential area off the main street that ha…… view more
 I was born in Kabukicho and raised in Shinjuku until the fourth grade. After Kabukicho became a red-light district, I moved to Nakano. My impression of Nishi S…… view more
 I started coming to Shinjuku because my grandfather, the prize-winning writer Komimasa Tanaka, was a regular here in Shinjuku’s retro-style Golden Gai bar dist…… view more
 Yumiko Chiba, founder of Yumiko Chiba Associates, has managed many artists and was involved in the launch of this gallery in Aoyama’s Spiral Garden. The galler…… view more
In a winding back street just four minutes from THE KNOT, it’s possible to disappear into another world where the spirit of an adventurous man lives on through…… view more
In a Shinjuku neighborhood that’s synonymous with modernization, it’s hard to believe that some businesses here date back a hundred years. One is Musashinokan,…… view more
After Shintaro and Yuko Fujisawa became independent from their careers at renowned Tokyo restaurants, Bicoque and Le cabaret respectively, plus a training year…… view more
The NTT InterCommunication Center (NTT ICC) is a space to explore communication itself, and forms of human connectivity via media art and technology. This cultu…… view more
On a side-street in Shinjuku, there’s an amber sign for classical music cafe: fitting for a place named L’ambre. It opened its doors in 1969, opened by the curr…… view more
Located in Shinjuku 2-Chome beside the beautiful Shinjuku Gyoen, local coffee connoisseur Yuji Otsuki serves up delicious coffees 7 days a week. Unlike his ‘The…… view more