A cozy neighborhood French restaurant to relax and be welcomed like family
2 Chome-23-3 Nakano, Nakano City, Tokyo 164-0001
After Shintaro and Yuko Fujisawa became independent from their careers at renowned Tokyo restaurants, Bicoque and Le cabaret respectively, plus a training year in Nice, France, they opened their own French restaurant in Shintaro’s Tokyo hometown, Nakano. The prix-fixe course is true Southern France in essence, filling your belly and soul from soup through to dessert. Natural wines from France, Italy, and Japan are served, and match both the course and atmosphere. Matsuki offers course menus until 9pm and à la carte options afterwards. This set-up reflects Shintaro’s philosophy.

“With the deliberate leisureliness of course dining, we want our customers to enjoy each bite and each moment thoroughly. The conversations this sparks between the customers and our staff are as important as the meal. The whole experience is what we want to share.” The single long counter seating arrangement makes for easy communication and invites diners to be part of the preparation and cooking process.

The Fujisawa’s goal to provide an unpretentious space where diners can relax and enjoy great food has clearly been successful, Matsuki is that and more.