Take a Moment to Stop and Self-Reflect


Counterpart Coffee Gallery
Manager Kiyokazu Suzuki

3-12-16 Honmachi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0071
 I started this shop two and a half years ago. I’ve lived in Nishi Shinjuku for about eight years and it’s an interesting neighborhood with different types of people. In the Shinjuku Gochome area, there are people who have lived here for a long time, as well as people who work in the entertainment industry and CEOs of IT companies. There are also people who commute to the office area from outside Shinjuku. That’s a lot of diversity in such a small area. Once you get away from Shinjuku station, there is a pretty relaxed atmosphere.
 I really like the scenery around the park. My staff and I often walk through it on our way home from work. It’s a nice walk because there are no telephone poles. I enjoy the wind, trees, and street lights, and it’s a great time to self-reflect.
 When I walk along the main street in Nishi Shinjuku, I notice a lot of fast food restaurants and convenience stores. There must be a lot of people who want to eat quickly and alone. These people can probably afford a proper meal at a restaurant if they wanted, but it seems they want to eat as quickly as possible. A lot of restaurants use a vending machine to take orders and payments, with no human interaction. It makes me feel like modern Japanese culture is losing something. I often think people should slow down more. I would like to suggest those who think “I’m okay spending every day alone,” or “I am only going to focus on work now,” to take a moment to self-reflect. It would be nice if time in my coffee shop allows them to do that.