Introducing THE KNOT On-site Dieting Plan

Jul 08, 2021

Introducing THE KNOT On-site Dieting Plan

Take time and reset in the luxurious THE KNOT suite room with a 2 day fasting plan guided by a qualified dietitian. Please note that this plan is available in Japanese only.

Perhaps your body feels a bit clogged up or you want to feel good from the inside out; maybe you have always been interested in trying out a fasting plan but have never known how. Well you’ve come to the right place! Read on to find more about the fasting plan including a one night stay at THE KNOT and read here to see a first hand experience. (Japanese only.)

Not being able to travel as freely as we want is frustrating, and working from home has limited our daily movements. In these unprecedented times it can be nice to do something for you and your body.

In collaboration with delifas!, THE KNOT YOKOHAMA is offering a plan where you can not only stay, but you can refresh your body and soul. A registered dietitian will guide you from the start, so even beginners can try it out. Please note that English support may not be available.

Bookings can be made on the official THE KNOT site here or through Jalan.

THE KNOT YOKOHAMA is designed to look and feel like a fun old-timey cruise ship, with many of the furniture and fixtures in the rooms custom-made by Tokyo-based brand ACME Furniture. For this plan, guests will stay in one of the unique THE KNOT series rooms on the top floor. Of the 145 rooms in the hotel, only these five unique rooms are decorated with bespoke American vintage furniture and decor. Each room has its own vibe and characteristics, although all are inspired by the design of the American 50s and 60s.


The only extra item you need to pack is something comfortable for yoga.

About the Program (in Japanese only)
● Meals: for one night and two days, three meals on the fasting program are included.
● Questionnaire: at check-in, you will be asked to fill in form to help tailor the program to you needs. (If you don’t have time at check-in, you can talk through the questions during the online consultation session.)
● Online Consultation: a registered dietitian will run you through the the fasting program, and discuss your answers to the questionnaire to offer diet and lifestyle guidance to suit you.
● Pre-sleep Yoga: this specialized yoga lesson is designed to help get a great sleep.
● 27/7 Support: A registered dietitian will provide online support via the LINE app at any time during your stay.

Day One
15:00 Check in
15:30 delifas! special detox smoothie (meal one)

17:00 Online session with registered dietitian(s)
19:00 delifas! special cleanse soup (meal two)
20:00 Personalized yoga lesson
22:00 Sleep

Day Two
8:00 delifas! ageing care soup (meal three)
11:00 Check out

Room Example Images

Food Example Images

All participants in this program will also receive an herbal cordial. Delicious for not only during the fasting but also during the recovery period.

THE KNOT Official Web → here

Jalan net→ here


About delifas!
Unlike regular fasting programs, delifas! offers a plan with a focus on delicious meals. The team of registered dietitians don’t only offer support for fasting but also have diet plans and general catering options.