YOKOHAMA Magazine Issue03 –Behind the Scenes “ NIGHT CRUISING ”–

Feb 19, 2021

YOKOHAMA Magazine Issue03 –Behind the Scenes “ NIGHT CRUISING ”–

THE KNOT YOKOHAMA Magazine Issue03, ROLLIN’, is a publication that captures the everyday life of our beloved Yokohama. It features local people, places, and atmosphere of the city, in a casual way like the city itself. Here, we introduce the stories behind the magazine. Following the DAY CRUISING edition, NIGHT CRUISING offers a taste of the city after the sun has gone down when people’s true personalities came out to shine in its place. We suggest reading this alongside the magazine to be able to experience an even richer Yokohama.

Editor and Writer: Akiko Fukunaga
Photographs: Kousuke Matsuki

In 2020, a new spot opened in Sueyoshi-cho.
This two-story wooden building which used to house a shipping company, was renovated into an alternative space to form the gallery and base of “nitehi works”, founded by artist Minoru Inayoshi and actress Azusa Watanabe.
At the opening reception, art by both Inayoshi and guest artists were on display.
There was also an unplanned improvisational live performance from WCN—of which Takenoma owner Misao Naito is a member—and “power generation pole dancer” Megane san this same night.
It’s always somehow hip and cool here. The image of Sueyoshi-cho is evolving with every moment.

▶︎ nitehi works Sueyoshi-cho
Address_1-21-9 Sueyoshi-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama

A hidden spot on Naka-dori Avenue run by Seigo Rokutan, a ceramic artist.
Curry by day and bar by night—even with two very diverse offerings, Mr. Rokutan manages to make this space comfortable regardless of the time of day. 
Their beautiful curry changes daily (1,200 yen.)

▶︎ Marumasala (day) / Bar Rokutan (evening) 
Address_4-2 3F, Nakadori, Fukutomi-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama
Instagram_ @marumasala

Kamomenobar is a bar in a back alley of the Kannai area.
Under the impressive kamome seagull chandelier, a rotating yet always diverse group gathers.
The distinctively patterned raw wood counter was made by Mr. Rokutan of Marumasala/Bar Rokutan.
This lively hideaway also sells seasonal vegetables grown in Kanagawa prefecture.

▶︎ tenjishitsu : Tür aus Holz Kamomenobar
_Shinko Building 1F, 2-10 Tokiwa-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama

Here, you can enjoy special tacos and curry in the atmosphere of a former snack bar.
This is the somewhat secret second shop of Marumasala.
The famous daily curry at the original location, which some days you have to line up for, is available in smaller sizes here, even after Marumasala has closed.
As expected, the counter seating was full on this day.
No different from its predecessor, KING ROTI remains a place that inspires lively conversations.


This standing-only bar is located right next to the Yokohamabashi Shopping District but has the atmosphere of downtown. You can also eat a variety of snacks for only 50 yen each.
Anyone will feel at ease whenever they stop by, happily absorbing this side of Yokohama, one that differs from that in the urban part of the city.
Just like Asami Honten, this city remains as inclusive as it always has always been.

▶︎ Asami Honten
Address_2-27 Manseicho, Minami-ku, Yokohama

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