YOKOHAMA Magazine Issue03 –Behind the Scenes “ DAY CRUISING ”–

Feb 19, 2021

YOKOHAMA Magazine Issue03  –Behind the Scenes “ DAY CRUISING ”–

THE KNOT YOKOHAMA Magazine Issue03, ROLLIN’, is a publication that captures the everyday life of our beloved Yokohama. It features local people, places, and atmosphere of the city, in a casual way like the city itself. Here, we introduce the stories behind the magazine. This is the DAY CRUISING edition, highlighting a time in which the pleasant sunlight illuminates the city. We suggest reading this alongside the magazine to be able to experience a richer Yokohama.

Editor and Writer: Akiko Fukunaga
Photographs: Kousuke Matsuki

I walked around Yokohama, just going wherever the wind took me.
On the walk, we bumped into a man who connects the people of the area.
Founded by Misao Naito, Takenoma is an open and lively community hub.
Its not easy to find as it is located in a quiet residential area, about 10 minutes walk from Yamate Station.
Some days it’s a gallery, some days it’s a studio; changing its role to suit.
Mr. Naito created this new community space by renovating a 70-year-old private house.

▶︎ tenjishitsu : Tür aus Holz Takenoma
Address_194 Takenomaru, Naka-ku, Yokohama

Leaving Takenoma, we headed to our next destination.
Near Yamashita Park, we came across a colorfully dressed group.
In this exotic cityscape, they perform the traditional Bon dance which has an over 400-year-old history.
This is a Yokohama-based Awaodori dance group who liven up local festivals.

▶︎ Yokohama Awaodori

If you’ve worked up a sweat, pop in to this historic public bath in the downtown area, popular ever since its opening in 1951.
Spread across the wall of Asahiyu is a majestic painting of Mt. Fuji by Kiyoto Maruyama.
At first, it may be daunting for a newcomer to go inside when they hear it has been frequented by locals for 70 years, but owners Mr and Mrs Kashida welcome everyone warmly.
While here, I was treated to some rare old stories.

▶︎ Asahiyu
Address_2-44-6 Central, Nishi-ku, Yokohama

If you’re heading to chill out on Kaigandori, you should add SDN to your route.
You can experience the premium quality of their handmade leather shoes with one hand, while drinking a craft beer with the other.
This Taiwanese handmade shoes and craft beer store launched in Japan in 2020.
Relaxing at the store, don’t forget to ask the owner, Mr. Shinpo, about Taiwanese culture.

▶︎ SDN yokohama – Simple Deep Natural By Taiwan Craft
Address_1-1 Kaigandori, Naka-ku, Yokohama

Daydreaming with a glass of the famous Dolphin Soda (800 yen), this is the perfect place to think.
A timeless French restaurant that is the birthplace of the iconic song, “One Afternoon By The Sea,” by Yumi Arai.
Beyond the magnificent windows and past the gentle sea breeze on the terrace, the Negishi Bay stretches out to form the horizon.
Yamate’s Dolphin remains the same as it ever was, a peaceful place to eat and drink.

▶︎ Cafe and Restaurant Dolphin
Address_16-1 Negishiasahidai, Naka-ku, Yokohama

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