NEW! THE KNOT YOKOHAMA Magazine Issue03: Published Feb 19

Feb 19, 2021

NEW! THE KNOT YOKOHAMA Magazine Issue03: Published Feb 19

THE KNOT Magazine is a publication that connects the hotel and the city. 

This tabloid-sized free paper is published irregularly at the lifestyle hotel THE KNOT, to introduce interesting people and stores in the area.

A magazine is published by each THE KNOT, and the latest edition, Issue03, is from THE KNOT YOKOHAMA, published on February 19.


In issues 01 and 02 of THE KNOT YOKOHAMA Magazine, Yokohama and THE KNOT were featured as though two sides of the same coin. For Rollin’ though, you’ll become better acquainted with the city of Yokohama itself.

Issue03: Rollin’ follows Issue01: Inside / Outside and Issue02: By My Side / By Your Side.

Like if you were out in Yokohama with your close friends, the magazine allows a glimpse into a more intimate side of the city. We hope you enjoy reading it while you’re at THE KNOT, regardless of whether you are already a fan of the city or are simply keen to know more.

The artbook-like THE KNOT YOKOHAMA Magazine, including back copies, is also available for free online. Take a look at your leisure.

In addition, designer Kenji Hashimoto, who oversaw the launch of THE KNOT brand, the overall design of THE KNOT YOKOHAMA, and the art direction of this magazine, talks about what draws him to Yokohama and shares his thoughts on the making of the magazine in a special feature published online only.

Issue03 Designer’s Note

We have also published a special Behind the Scenes series on the featured locations, profiling histories and backgrounds that were not included in the magazine.

Behind the Scenes: DAY CRUISING

Behind the Scenes: NIGHT CRUISING

The artbook-like THE KNOT YOKOHAMA Magazine can be read or displayed; always open for you to discover a Yokohama you may not have known existed.