【Report】Cityscape Photo Ride – Find your blue – Guided by Tomohiko Sakata

Sep 12, 2019

【Report】Cityscape Photo Ride – Find your blue – Guided by Tomohiko Sakata

On August 4th (Sunday) we held our Cityscape: This Blue tour ride, led by a special guest Tomohiro Sakata, a Nishi-Shinjuku based photographer. As we rode past Nishi-Shinjuku’s skyscrapers, participants were able to photograph the various shades of blue that can only be found in the Nishi-Shinjuku architecture and urban landscape.

©Tomohiko Sakata

We started the tour in our front lobby with an exhibition introduction and artist talk by our guide. Participants also had the opportunity to introduce themselves to one another.

Our first stop was a short bridge crossing a major road not too far from Nishi-Shinjuku Station. Here, we had our first glimpse of the different shades of blue which were emitted by the cluster of surrounding buildings. Sakata-san guided the participants on what to look for when taking photos.

We then hopped from one destination to another, where participants were able to venture out to different neighbourhoods to find their own shade of blue using their newly acquired skills.

Lastly, we rode back through the abstract compound of the Tokyo Government buildings to head back to THE KNOT’s MORETHAN Bakery. Here we drank some well-deserved tea soda while having a short photo editing tutorial and photo showcase from the day.

Exploring new neighborhoods, and gaining a new perspective of the city and its architecture was the goal of this tour. We were very lucky to have expert photographer Sakata-san guide us throughout the tour.

Tomohiko Sakata
Born in Kumamoto Prefecture in 1978. After graduating from Kumamoto Gakuen University Faculty of Economics, he studied photography in an Art Special Course at Tokyo Polytechnic University. After working in a Tokyo studio, he went solo in 2007, starting projects as TALBOT. While active in the field of corporate advertising and fashion, his mainstream of work is advertising for the arts. For companies such as the Setagaya Public Theater and Tokyo Art Theater, he is mostly involved in portrait photography of the stage performers. In 2018, he begun to explore an unknown side of office building-lined Nishi-Shinjuku. Soon after, he held a poster exhibition labelled “This Blue”.
For his next solo show, he is still taking photos of the ever-changing Nishi-Shinjuku.


■Exhibition 「45th floor」
Day: Sep 14(Sat)- Sep 23(Mon)
Place: “Place: YARD Coffee & Craft Chocolate (1-3 Chausuyama, Tennoji, Osaka, Japan 543-0063)
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