Sep 10, 2019


Take a photo of a Tokyo ‘trash’ scene and share it.
The rules are simple: once you take a photo, upload it to Instagram with the hashtag “#FallingTokyo” or “#落ちてる東京” (Ochiteru Tōkyō) by the 18th of October.
We all know someone else’s trash can become someones treasure, but can it also become art?

On the 20th of October, we will hold a review based on a special Instagram challenge.
Our special guest,Masahisa Hirayama , who is known for his eccentric child-like drawings, will speak about his discoveries around Tokyo (Japanese only). We will also review our favourite works from the hashtag.

Date of review: October 20th, 15:00 – 16:30
Participation fee: free (please note, if more than 30 people attend, there may only be standing room available).
Participation conditions: upload a photo of ‘Tokyo ‘trash’ with the hashtag “#FallingTokyo” or “#落ちてる東京” before the 18th of October.

* Please note that not all works will be reviewed.
* Even if you are unable to attend the review, you can upload to Instagram as often as you please!

Masataka Hirayama
Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1976. Painting, drawing, and performances are counted as the major mediums of his work. Based in Tokyo.

Recent Works (solo)
2019「Book Show 2」Bananafish Books(Shanghai)
2018「カード」TALION GALLERY(Tokyo)
2017「Book Show」Utrecht(Tokyo)
2017「Book Show」Nieves(Zurich, Switzerland)
2016「CASINO & BAR」NADiff a/p/a/r/t(Tokyo)
2013「Ghost」Aperto / Co-produced with FRAC Languedoc-Roussillon(Chambery, France)
2012「Book and Work 2」Printed Matter(New York)

Recent Works (group)
2019「Thinking Drawing」500m Gallery(Sapporo)
2018「#12 Post Formalist Painting」statements(Tokyo)
2017「Fall in Love! Conceptual Drawing of Perplum University and Junichi Umezu」Watari Museum of Art(Tokyo)
2017「Sylvanian Families Biennale 2017」XYZ collective(Tokyo)
2016「Good Child, Bad Child, Ordinary Child (or Yankee, Monkey, Donkey?)」TALION GALLERY(Tokyo)
2015「3D Conference 2015 (Sorrow Serenade, 3D Heart)」Art Lab Hashimoto(Kanagawa)
2015「Perplum University II」Kumamoto City Museum of Contemporary Art(Kumamoto)