【Exhibition】THE POWER OF ART byGAKU, from July 30 in Tokyo and Sapporo

Jul 29, 2021

For GAKU, painting is the point of contact between autism and the world.

At the galleries of both THE KNOT TOKYO Shinjuku and THE KNOT SAPPORO, THE POWER OF ART byGAKU will be exhibited from Friday July 30 to September 7. (Free entry.)

The works are extremely visceral and emit a powerful energy almost as though from a fourth dimension. How is that art can have a such a strong and lasting impact on people?


GAKU, who has severe mental and speech difficulties discovered the word “painting” around four years ago, the day he visited the Taro Okamoto Museum of Art. Since the morning after the visit, he now paints more than 240 works a year. With painting as his language, GAKU can communicate with the world.

It’s like his paintings are talking to us.

While many people today are constrained by common sense and unspoken rules, GAKU’s instinctive and free power of expression asks us to ask ourselves, “what is the real obstacle?”

At THE KNOT TOKYO Shinjuku, 17 original powerfully sized paintings (100cm x 100cm) will be displayed, and for THE KNOT SAPPORO the exhibition will consist of 30 Premium Giclee works.

All of the works are available for purchase on-site, and the Premium Giclee series will also be available on THE KNOT Online Store.

※ Premium Giclee series
Using the Giclee method, works can be reproduced with the same nuances of the original to incredibly high precision. Unlike lithographs and silk screen prints, this method does not use plates when printing. In recent years, the Giclee method has been used for exhibitions at the Louvre and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The byGAKU Premium Giclee Series captures the original painting at 200 million pixels in 48 bits and approximately 281 trillion colors directly onto canvas. The sides of the canvas are also printed, so the picture can be displayed in your home as is.


Dates: Friday July 30, 2021 – Tuesday September 26, 2021.
Locations:  THE KNOT TOKYO Shinjuku 2F Gallery  (open 24h)

Dates: Friday July 30, 2021 – Tuesday September 7, 2021.
Locations:THE KNOT SAPPORO 1F KADO Gallery (10:00 – 22:30)

Admission: free
Sales: at each venue and THE KNOT Online Store
※Online sales of the works are expected to start on July 30.

About the Artist
Born 2001 in Yokohama, Japan. Diagnosed with autism and intellectual disability at age 3. Hoping for a better treatment of autism for Gaku, his family moved to Los Angeles where he lived for 9 years. Upon returning to Japan at 14, his father founded I’m Inc. to pursue a more secure and reliable welfare program for his son. Currently attends Nobel High School run by his father, a school for children with intellectual disabilities.