A space to engage in the interplay of art, design, social sciences and technology

Jul 27, 2018

A space to engage in the interplay of art, design, social sciences and technology

NTT InterCommunication Center (ICC)

The NTT InterCommunication Center (NTT ICC) is a space to explore communication itself, and forms of human connectivity via media art and technology. This cultural facility features diverse works and is known for interactive displays that are both leading-edge and fun. NTT ICC allows guests to investigate new media, and think critically about and participate in the ever-changing forms of communication and technology. Some pieces have been on display since the Center’s opening in 1997, and show the change and continuity in media art, new media, and communication.

Within the facility, the NTT ICC Open Space is a free admission space dedicated to a new theme every year. This year’s theme is Alternative Views. Here, visitors are offered a chance to experience unique exhibitions, such as from renowned musicians and composers Ryuichi Sakamoto and Maywa Denki, and all manner of up-and-coming artists.

We live in an era when new technologies are constantly emerging, and AI and augmented reality helping to create ever faster growth. At times, these unfamiliar topics may bring uneasiness and anxiety, but NTT ICC’s PR director, Emiko Akasaka, comments, “Instead of feeling uneasy about it, we want people to experience the new society, future, and expressions, brought about by these technologies through art, and provide opportunities for deeper understanding.”

NTT ICC is not only a space for entertainment. Its thought-provoking installations allow visitors to engage in new concepts and ideas. As technology advances, it can act as a critic of its own role in modern society and art. Visiting the Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, which is housed in the same building, is also highly recommended.