【EVENT】LOMORIDE! -Don’t Think Just Shoot with Tokyobike-

Apr 26, 2019

【EVENT】LOMORIDE! -Don’t Think Just Shoot with Tokyobike-

The event is on the 18 Sat&19 Sun May. This is a special event that combines the joys of exploring Tokyo by tokyobike, whose bicycles are customized for this city, with the vintage experience of photographing Tokyo with a film camera.

The cameras are supplied by Austrian camera company Lomography, which keeps the passion of film photography alive. Join a guided bike tour of Tokyo’s Shibuya and Shinjuku neighborhoods, capture the moment by snapping photos as you explore, and then share your best shots over a snack and drink at THE KNOT’s MORETHAN BAKERY.

Maximum 10 participants. Early reservations are recommended.

Reservations and detail : THE KNOT PEATIX

The tour will start at THE KNOT, where you can rent tokyobike’s bicycles.

Lomography’s cameras are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. (Most of these pages were taken with Lomography’s LC-A+, the same camera used during the tour.) Don’t think! Just shoot!

Even beginners can take memorable photos! A Lomography staff member will be present to teach you how to use the cameras, and some tricks of shooting with film.

We will ride to a few photo spots, to give everyone a chance to capture their own Tokyo on film. (It was taken previous LOMORIDE!)

Once you finish shooting your roll of film, Lomography’s staff will take it for developing.  You can buy an additional roll and explore some more. There will be free time, when you can go where your heart takes you, or visit places recommended by tokyobike staff. (This Scandavian-style café is in the Tomogaya neighborhood, not far from THE KNOT.)

After the free time, gather on the second floor of THE KNOT to see everyone’s developed photos.
There will be a snack provided by the MORETHAN BAKERY.

After the event is over, feel free to hang out at THE KNOT, talking about the ride or getting a drink at our café and bar.

【Event schedule】
May 18 and May 19(Sat and Sun)
・9:45 Gather at THE KNOT
・10:00 Get your bike, learn the rules of the road
・10:20 Ride to Meiji Jingu Shrine
・11:00 Get your camera(Lomography’s LC-A), learn how to use it
・11:20 Go to the next photo spot
・12:00 Give staff your used roll of film
・15:00 Free time with bike and camera
・15:00 Return to THE KNOT
・16:30 Review photos over snack and drink
・16:30 Event finishes

【Reservation and detail】

6,000yen (including tax) *bike renrtal , Lomography’s LC-A camera rental , development fee, and snaks.

【Terms and conditions】
・Loose pants and skirts could get caught in the bike chain
・Tell us if you need a bike helmet
・The snack is the only food included in the price
・No refund if you cancel: Please be aware of this
・You are responsible for any damage to the bike while you have rented it
・We will tell you as soon as possible if the event is canceled due to rain
・We will be posting photos and messages about the event on social media. Please tell us in advance if you don’t
   want  your photo or information posted.

【Number of participants】
Maximum 10 people

【 Meet up place】

【Last admission】
By 8am, May 18

【Q&A 】
For any enquiries, please contact Daisuke of Tokyobike Rentals Shinjuku