【EVENT】Park West Night -Natural Wine Night-

Jun 10, 2019

【EVENT】Park West Night -Natural Wine Night-

Natural wine, organic wine, bio wine…whatever you call it, it is just good pure wine.

You can taste the natural grape flavor, the climate it was grown in, and even, the personality of its maker. Regardless of whether you actually can or not, drink up and soak in the relaxed atmosphere natural wine provides.

At THE KNOT TOKYO Shinjuku, you can try many varieties of natural wine in the MORETHAN 1F TAPAS LOUNGE and 2F Grill. However, for one night only in our 1F bar area, we will play host to a special wine event. Enjoy a glass (or four) from a selection of event-specific wines, and listen to live DJs.

Our wine guru for the event is Shinichi Takahashi of “Human Nature,” a natural wine shop in Nakano. Good music, good wine, and good vibes. Don’t think too hard, just grab a glass. Come, join!

Date & Time: Thursday, June 13th, 2019 7PM-11PM
4-31-1 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023
How To Join: Simply purchase your drink tickets (4 for ¥2000) from the bar counter and join the tasting!
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PROFILE: Shinichi Takahashi, Human Nature
After majoring in Media Studies at the Victoria University of Wellington, Shinichi went on to work at the legendary bar “Mighty Mighty” in Wellington. After returning to Japan, he then worked in the video production industry. Then from 2013-14, he undertook his masters in Food Culture Communication at an Italian Food Science University, and began an internship at a natural wine importing company. After returning to Japan once again, he opened “Human Nature,” his own natural wine bottle shop.

A DJ and Producer who global releases works for original albums and remixes for artists including Wrecking Crew Orchestra, TRAKS BOYS, PILICEMAN, (((sssurrounddd))). Additionally, a resident DJ for “DK SOUND,” a music event that takes place in Kawasaki’s industrial area, started the Snaker label with 5ive of COS/MES, and is a part of the unit TIMTIN with EDA (BAL).

Director and graphic design representative of BAL. Occasionally selects music for venues in Tokyo.
Currently searching for techno and deep house that goes well with wine.