【EVENT】Cityscape Photo Ride – Find your blue – Guided by Tomohiko Sakata

Jul 22, 2019

【EVENT】Cityscape Photo Ride – Find your blue – Guided by Tomohiko Sakata

After matching everyone with a bike and explaining the traffic rules, we will head to the first recommended photo spot of Sakata-san.

After arriving at the first spot, we will park the bikes and walk around the area to shoot.

Sakata-san is using compact digital camera surprisingly.

Sakata-san will explain how he initially became fascinated by the buildings in Shinjuku. When we did a trial run, we were pleasantly surprised to find straight lines, shadows and blues on the glass as we pressed the shutter. The photo is a photo taken by tokyobike staff with Sakata-san’s guidance during the trial.

When were are done with spot one, we will move on to spot two. This spot takes us through an iconic skyscraper scene of Shinjuku: it will be interesting to experience these two quite different areas.

Group rides also bring a unique element to cycling and is much better than going alone! (This is a picture of the previous event)

When we have finished shooting at the second spot, we will return to THE KNOT.
Here, we will select a few favourite shots from the day, and if you are peckish you can buy snacks at MORETHAN BAKERY which is inside THE KNOT.

Once your selection is complete, we will review the photos together and see what each other discovered. This image is from the review of a previous photo ride, LOMORIDE!

After the event is over, feel free to hang out at THE KNOT, talking about the ride or getting a drink at our café and bar.


8/3(Sat)・8/4(Sun) 1pm – 5:15pm

【Event schedule】
・ 13:00 Gather at THE KNOT
・ 13:00-13:30 Explanation of bike rules etc
・ 13:30-14:00 Head to the first spot
・ 14:00-14:45 Shooting 1
・ 14:45-15:00 Head to the second spot
・ 15:00-15:45 Shooting 2
・ 15:45-16:00 Return to THE KNOT
・ 16:00-16:30 Photo selection
・ 16:30-17:15 Photo review

【Terms and conditions】
・Please bring your own camera
・Loose pants and skirts could get caught in the bike chain
・Tell us if you need a bike helmet
・The snack is the only food included in the price
・No refund if you cancel: Please be aware of this
・You are responsible for any damage to the bike while you have rented it
・We will tell you as soon as possible if the event is canceled due to rain
・We will be posting photos and messages about the event on social media. Please tell us in advance if you don’t
want your photo or information posted.

【Number of participants】
Maximum 8 people

【 Meet up place】

【Last admission】
By 8am, August 8

【Q&A 】
For any enquiries, please contact Daisuke of Tokyobike Rentals Shinjuku

Tomohiko Sakata
Born in Kumamoto Prefecture in 1978. After graduating from Kumamoto Gakuen University Faculty of Economics, he studied photography in an Art Special Course at Tokyo Polytechnic University. After working in a Tokyo studio, he went solo in 2007, starting projects as TALBOT. While active in the field of corporate advertising and fashion, his main stream of work is advertising for the arts. For companies such as the Setagaya Public Theater and Tokyo Art Theater, he is mostly involved in portrait photography of the stage performers. In 2018, he begun to explore an unknown side of office building-lined Nishi-Shinjuku. Soon after, he held a poster exhibition labelled “This Blue”.
For his next solo show, he is still taking photos of the ever-changing Nishi-Shinjuku.

■Exhibition 「45th floor」
Day: Sep 14(Sat)- Sep 23(Mon)
Place: YARD Coffee & Craft Chocolate( 1-3, Cyausuyama, Tennoji, Osaka, Japan, 543-0063)

The inspiration and ethos for tokyobike begun with the name.
In the same way that a mountain bike is suitable for riding across mountains, tokyobike is for pedalling around Tokyo. We want you to forget the bicycle itself and simply enjoy the ride. That is why we emphasise comfort over speed, and a feeling of lightness at the first turn of the pedal. All our frames and parts are based on this concept of ” TOKYO SLOW ” – that is what tokyobike is all about.