【REPORT】Park West Night -Craft Sake Tasting Night by MYSH

May 09, 2019

On Friday the 5th to Sunday the 7th of April, the Craft Sake Tasting Night was held in the The Knot’s MORETHAN Tapas Lounge. Many people attended the event over the three days, and enjoyed tasting the selection of new season sake.

A choice of six sakes from both big and small makers was on offer:
・Honjozo (sake with alcohol added in the brewing process for subtle flavour changes) by Hakaisan Ltd from Niigata prefecture
・Ose no Yukidoke peach coloured nigori (cloudy style sake) by Ryujin Sakedukuri from Gunma prefecture
・Hakurakusei junmai ginjo (pure sake) by Niisawa Joutsukuriten from Miyagi prefecture
… and more

The guests chose three sakes to taste side by side.
As it was cherry blossom season, a sake dyed naturally pink using red yeast was particularly popular. Another crowd favorite was a rare and unusual sake that tasted like the yoghurt-based drink Calpis.

Pinchos pairing for the sake was provided by the MORETHAN Tapas Lounge.

he knowledgeable hostess taught the guests how to appreciate and enjoy sake in new ways.

Where you can purchase the sakes tasted at the event: Imadeya Ginza, Tokyo, Ginza Six (6-10-1 Ginza, B2)

In addition to opening a sake bar in Jingumae, Shibuya in 2017, MYSH develops activities to make sake more accessible to those who are not already familiar with Japanese food or sake. Japanese culture and food can be explained through sake and our activities centre on this notion. All our staff work other full time jobs and MYSH is a true passion project. We are working together to create a unified platform of diverse working styles.