【REPORT】Changgang Lee Reception & Collage Workshop

May 17, 2019

Our 2F LOUNGE exhibits a bevy of exciting and emerging artists. Currently exhibiting is Tokyo-based mixed media artist ChangGang Lee (see below for further information). On Sunday April 7th, Lee hosted a collage workshop in the 2F BANQUET. The light and airy space was transformed into an artists studio for the event, with music and images stimulating the minds of the 20 participants. They toasted with natural wine to kickstart the session and then began to create their own work guided by the style of ChangGang Lee.

For this workshop, ChangGang Lee scoured the second hand magazine shops of Jimbocho (an area in Tokyo famous for second hand book shops). Each participant chose images from this selection of magazines that resonated with them to use for their collage piece.

In a relaxed atmosphere with wine and creativity flowing, ChangGang Lee explained his process and offered tips.

The participants carefully cut out their chosen images. Once they had arranged and decided on a general look for their piece, they arranged them on a white background.

The final works had unique characteristics reflecting their designers. Intricate details, bold cuts, and funky textures stood out.

ChangGang Lee
Born in 1989, his predominant works are collages and mixed media, with a focus on using recycled old magazines. Currently based in Tokyo, he has been active in a wide range of pursuits both here and abroad – including exhibits in New York and Barcelona. Besides making his own works, he also produces record covers and collaborates with fashion brand CoSTUME NATIONAL.

Official Page:http://changganglee.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/changganglee/