MORETHAN Dining Produce

Jun 20, 2019

MORETHAN Dining Produce

Our MORETHAN Restaurants place high priority on connections with producers.

With an ever-adapting menu responding to what we receive from these producers, here we highlight four fresh ingredients we are serving at the moment.

While it may look a little strange, white asparagus is quite a treat for the palate. These are grown on a small farm in Biei, Hokkaido and are available only for a few weeks around this time of year. This region has a drastic temperature change between night and day, which are the best conditions for asparagus to thrive.

These are served in the GRILL as part of a special menu, as the farm’s quantity is limited. Our chef selects how to prepare them depending on the day’s vibe.

These huge oysters are from Hyōgo. Hyōgo has two coastlines – one to the North in the Sea of Japan and the other in the Seto Inland Sea. Naturally, this means there are many spots for oysters to thrive.

Often, chemicals are used to clean oysters to make them safe for consumption. These guys however, are from such fresh water they don’t have anything to clean away.

We select oysters for the GRILL from different areas year round, to ensure both sustainability and deliciousness.

These are hyper fresh so are served raw, and pair well with our carefully selected wine list.

Our craft baby leaves are grown in Fukui with the assistance of an unusual friend. Otherwise to-be-discarded oyster shells are ground up and added to the soil, as well as other natural minerals. This adds depth to the flavour and colour of the produce.

These hand picked leaves are included in our GRILL dinnertime salads. Due to their unusually crisp and nutty flavour, we suggest enjoying them with a sparkling wine to start off your meal.

This beautiful cut of beef is called Tomangyu, or Toman Beef. Developed in around 2013, farmers from Miyazaki prefecture (on the Southern island of Kyushu) wanted something leaner and softer than its wagyu cousins.

Also unlike wagyu, no hormones are used in the raising of these cows. A father of one of the main farmers was a vet, and so had seen firsthand what not-so-nice things happen to cows who are not fed naturally. As if that wasn’t enough of a plus, the farm smells…nice, from being so clean.

In the GRILL, we serve this for dinner with your choice of green and carbohydrate accompaniment.

The MORETHAN GRILL is on the second floor of THE KNOT. It is open every night from 17h – 23h.