Bread Tasting Ride

Nov 14, 2019

Bread Tasting Ride

Ride a bike designed to enjoy the city, a tokyobike, and pick up bread in the “Otsukai” style at famous bakeries scattered around the southern Shinjuku and Shibuya areas. When we return to THE KNOT we will taste many different breads, and get some insight from two highly-regarded bread experts of Japan – Hiroki Ikeda and Shin Yamada. Ride a bike, eat bread, and learn. Limited to 15 people only so early reservation is recommended! Please note: this tour is only offered in Japanese.

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The meeting point will be the lifestyle hotel right near Shinjuku Central Park, THE KNOT TOKYO Shinjuku (THE KNOT). At THE KNOT you can rent the bikes even if you are not a staying guest.

After matching everyone with a bike and explaining the traffic rules, participants will be divided into groups of 2-3 people.

Each group will cycle to their designated bakery and pick up bread reserved under the name “Otsukai” (1 group = 1 bakery). Bread selection has been done by the experts, and payment has already been made. All you need to do is pick up.

One of the bakeries we will visit is Yoyogi Uehara’s famous store, Levain Tomigaya. While natural yeast is a buzzword now, 30 years ago when Levain started they were one of only a few bakeries using it. Over this time they have perfected their many loaves – including their most popular fruit and nut campagne. Not only is the bread always warm, but the staff too.

Back at THE KNOT we will try this loaf and many more, enjoying and discussing them in the company of our two guests who are among the most prominent bread experts in Japan.

They will also share their knowledge on the individual characteristics of each bakery and provide us with a different perspective to something which we otherwise thought we knew.

The other places we will go are:
・Katane Bakery
・Bakery Fujiya
・Tarui Bakery

Introducing our Guests:

Mr. Hiroaki Ikeda, Pain Labo director

Mr. Shin Yamada, PAINLOT (pain = French for bread + lot = from ‘pilot’) director and bread ‘pilot’.

MORETHAN TEA STAND tea will be served as we taste and compare.

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After we have all eaten and drunk our fill, the event will end at around 15:00. After this time, you are free to use the rental bike until 18:00. There will be no judging if you want to head to more nearby bakeries.

【Event schedule】
・ 11:00 meeting at THE KNOT
・ 11:00-11:30 safety and traffic rules for riding, grouping
・ 11:30-13:00 bakery ride
・ 13:00-13:15 reassemble at THE KNOT
・ 13:15-15:00 bread tasting
・ 15:00 tour ends

【Important Notes】
・This event is offered in Japanese only
・Loose pants and skirts could get caught in the bike chain
・Please enquire in advance if you need a bike helmet
・No refunds will be given for cancellations
・You are responsible for any damage to the bike while it is rented to you
・We will inform you as soon as possible if the event is cancelled due to rain and you will be refunded. If you paid at the convenience store, the fee charged by Peatix (¥540) won’t be refunded.
・We will be posting photos and messages about the event on social media. Please tell us in advance if you don’t want your photo or information posted.

【Number of Participants】
Maximum 15 people
Minimum 5 people

【 Tickets】

【 Meeting Place】

【Reservation Closing Date】
By 8am, 29th November