【Report】Nature of Change Opening Party

Oct 16, 2020

【Report】Nature of Change Opening Party

On Thursday October 15, Nature of Change opened in our 2F GALLERY. This is the latest collaboration between Sofia Solamente (ceramicist) and photographer Yulia Skogoreva (photographer).

The project centers around a philosophical and poetic form of transformation that has been in focus during the challenging times we recently faced as society and individuals. Physical and emotional isolation, the need for meaningful connections, and the feeling of hopelessness are reconstructed as ceramic forms and shapes accompanied by a visual photographic study.

We had two sessions to reduce numbers in the space, with each group eating, drinking, and talking to the artists. Each guest was required to have their temperatures taken and to sanitize their hands. Masks were also worn when not eating or drinking. Everyone was very respectful of the necessary rules and was able to relax and have a good time!

Each of the artworks are for sale throughout the period of the exhibition. Prices are available at the entrance to the gallery.

Thanks to everyone who came on Thursday, we hope to see more of you over the coming months!

Photos by Kohei Okada-Skogorev