Limited Edition Artist Masks

Dec 10, 2020

Limited Edition Artist Masks

At THE KNOT, we value our relationships with our artists.

This is the first attempt to have such a project across all four hotels since the THE KNOT brand started. Each THE KNOT (Yokohama, Shinjuku, Sapporo, Hiroshima) was involved in the same project: to produce masks with artwork from local artists.

The pandemic has plunged the world into anxiety, fear, and confusion. In the midst of a marked slowdown in economic activity, it would sadly be hard to find someone who hasn’t experienced uncertainty and anxiety throughout this time. Earlier in the year, Araiseni, a cut-and-sew manufacturer that collaborates frequently with designer brands, approached us. We were impressed by their positive and go-getter attitude, as well as the quality of the product, so we decided to make an original THE KNOT mask together. This mask has been gifted to all guests who stay at THE KNOT, to encourage a safe and comfortable stay. (The gift of the original THE KNOT mask has sold out.)

We have received many requests about buying the masks, and we are really humbled and honoured that you have seen the value and quality of these masks too. This feedback encouraged us to seek new ideas, which brought about this artist collaboration. A fun and unique mask that reflects THE KNOT brand, for you to get some energy from on a daily basis. 

We are proud to announce that the Limited Edition Artist Masks are finally here and can be purchased soon! Here, we introduce the four artists who we worked with and their diverse backgrounds.

Which design do you like?


■ Profile
Mami Sada
Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture
Education: Yokohama College of Art and Design

■ About this Work
Title: Francis Francis
Material: Canvas, oil paints
Comments: This work depicts a fictional character named Francis Francis. He is also the main character of a novel I wrote at the same time as doing this work. This is the story of Francis, a person who no-one can hate, as told by the people close to him. I was also careful about selecting the right colours to depict his personality. This image shows just one side of him.

■ Thoughts on THE KNOT Yokohama and the Collaboration With Us
I was really pleased to have been approached about this project. I love to think that my work can used on a daily basis, as a mask. THE KNOT feels like a fashionable and calm place, and is nice to spend time in even though it is a hotel.

■ Other Works

THE KNOT TOKYO Shinjuku Mask

■ Profile
Yuuki Horiuchi
Born in Nara prefecture in 1990. Using landscapes and daily essentials as motifs, she abstractly emphasizes similarities, and creates works that encourage a poetic interpretation of the works and a deviation from common sense. She works on installations using video and other 3D methods, as well as 2D drawings.

Recent exhibitions include solo exhibitions such as ”Parallel World” NOHGA HOTEL Ueno, Tokyo (2020), ”Super Flatland” White Conduit Projects, London (2020), ”London Summer Intensive Showcase” Camden Art Centre, London (2019) and more. Completed Oil Painting Master’s Programme at the Graduate School of Fine Arts (2018), Tokyo University of the Arts, Exchange Study Abroad at Glasgow School of Fine Arts (2016).

Instagram: @horiuchiyuuki

■ About this Work
In Shinjuku there is a prep school I attended for two years, and an art supplies store I often visited. I also lived in Kagurazaka on the edge of Shinjuku Ward for more than five years, so I am familiar with the area of THE KNOT. For people like me who often go to the east exit, the west exit where THE KNOT TOKYO Shinjuku is, is like another planet. As I walk past the rows of ever-expanding skyscrapers along a quiet road toward a gallery in Hatsudai, the greenery of Shinjuku Central Park kind of comes out of nowhere, signalling life on this new planet. At the age of 18, I thought that this was Tokyo, as I walked in the slanting rays of sunshine in a lush park in the middle of the city.

■ Thoughts on THE KNOT TOKYO Shinjuku and the Collaboration With Us
Because the hotel is located in an area familiar to me, I could draw based on very clear imagery in my head of the Shinjuku and Tochomae-Hatsudai areas. In my memory, the hotel is located one step from the park, perpetually drenched in rays of winter sunshine. How does the city of Shinjuku look to those that have picked up a mask? I hope this artwork will give people an opportunity to experience this unexpected side of the city.

Unfortunately I have not been able to visit THE KNOT TOKYO Shinjuku yet, but I will definitely stay there the first chance I get so I can be a hyper-local to that area for a day. Tokyo Opera City within walking distance always has good exhibitions, and it’s a stones throw from Shinjuku proper.

■ Other Works


■ Profile
Yusuke Oishi (a.k.a. MARCOMONK)
Born in Hakodate, Hokkaido in 1980. Lives in Tokyo. After finishing high school, he surrounded himself in Sapporo street culture, before moving to Tokyo in 1996. He started working in photography in 2008, video in 2010, and in 2020 he started to teach himself the art of collage. In 2018 he published a photobook called LIFE THROUGH MY EYES, which captures everyday life in New York City. He is working across a variety of areas both in Japan an abroad, including fashion, magazines, and advertisements. His works leave lingering memories that were captured in just one short moment.

Instagram: @yusuke_oishi_marcomonk @marcomonk8

■ About this Work
Name: no name
Material: plain matte paper
Comments: I spent less that eight years in Sapporo, but every time I go back I take lots of photos. This work is representative of my experiences in Sapporo, both from using the images I have taken there but also thinks that make me think of the city.

■ Thoughts on THE KNOT and the Collaboration With Us
I started working on collage during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, I had the time and the materials so I thought I would challenge myself. I told people around me what I was doing and it sort of just kept going from there. When I was contacted by THE KNOT, I was really happy because this my work was judged on it own merit separately from my career. Even though I no longer live in Hokkaido, I put lots of energy into this work to represent the place I was born and raised.

■ Other Works


■ Profile
Shota Kimura
Born in Hiroshima City in 1993. Graduated from the Hiroshima City University Graduate School of Arts (Master’s Degree Program), Department of Sculpture in 2019.

Based in his hometown of Hiroshima, Kimura is a multidisciplinary artist. His practice focuses on creating both 3D wooden sculptures and 2D works with watercolor and other media. Mixing art and humour into each of the 3D and 2D planes, Kimura’s art can be easily integrated into our daily lives.

He has been involved in group exhibitions in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Kanazawa and more. One of his works is also on permanent display on Naoshima.

2015: ‘Sculpture Festival in Kanazawa 2015’ at Art Base Ishibiki/Ishikawa
2019: Received the Encouragement Award at The 7th New KENBITEN: Annual Competition of Art in Hiroshima Prefecture at Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum, Hiroshima
2019: ‘Spiral Independent Creators Festival’ (SICF20) at Spiral Hall, Tokyo
2020: Solo exhibition ‘Kanari Ganbatte Mita’ (‘I tried really hard‘) at Gallery G, Hiroshima

■ About this Work
Name: Good luck and bad luck alternate like the strands of a rope (from an ancient Chinese proverb, Kafuku ha azanaerunawa no gotoshi)
Materials: Watercolor, ink, drawing paper
Comments: the proverb I named the piece after describes that happiness and unhappiness fold and intertwine like the a rope, so it is important to look at things in the long term and not worry so much in the short term.

In the design I used the colors of THE KNOT HIROSHIMA and specifically chose auspicious motifs both to connect different cities as well as being representative of Hiroshima.

■ Thoughts on THE KNOT and the Collaboration With Us
I started working with THE KNOT HIROSHIMA in June of this year, and it was my first project after graduating from my master’s degree programme. It came at a time when I really didn’t know where to look for projects, so I was able to put lots of fresh energy and effort in to it.

It is no exaggeration to say that 2020 has been the year of COVID-19, and there have many low and difficult times. I am grateful that was I was able to be involved in a project, and also that is was for something useful. It is a slightly unconventional-looking mask so I hope people can have fun wearing it on gloomy days!

THE KNOT HIROSHIMA has put lots of effort into creating each floor, and it is a place where you can feel a new side of the city. As you make your way to the top floor and look out, the Hiroshima you see is what I recall from when I first lived in Hiroshima, so it is kind of nostalgic for me. It is an experience I can still vividly recall as I look out!

■ Other Works

These two works were chosen as designs on the coasters in the guest rooms.

Sales are scheduled to start soon.
Updates will be posted on THE KNOT’s Facebook and Instagram so keep an eye out!

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