KNOT HOUR -Music Night-

Nov 29, 2023

THE KNOT SAPPORO will be held “KNOT HOUR -Music Night-” every Friday and Saturday.
Creators from Hokkaido get together to share their experiences at LES BOIS.
Chef’s recommended menu and exclusive cocktails are also available.
Join us and enjoy a fantastic moment in candle-lights.
Holiday special event for Christmas and Countdown will be held on December 24, 25 and December 31. Celebrate a memorable occasion into an unforgettable experience together !

Click here for detailed information about KNOT Hour.

[Hours] 16:00~23:00
[Venue] 2F LES BOIS

[Schedule in December]

●December 1 (Fri) DJ DAI
 [PLAY] 8:00pm~11:00pm
●December 2 (Sat) DJ AIRI KIRISHIMA
 [PLAY] 8:00pm~11:00pm
●December 8 (Fri) Asuka Sato feat Ksuke Tanaka Ksuke
 [LIVE] 8:30pm~9:10pm / 10:00pm~10:40pm
●December 9 (Sat) DJ DAI
 [PLAY] 8:00pm~11:00pm
●December 15 (Fri) DJ NAMI
 [PLAY] 8:00pm~11:00pm
●December 16 (Sat) DJ AIRI KIRISHIMA
 [PLAY] 8:00pm~11:00pm
●December 22 (Fri) Ksuke Tanaka with Ran Kitabatake
 [LIVE] 8:30pm~9:10pm / 10:00pm~10:40pm
●December 23 (Sat) DJ AIRI KIRISHIMA
 [PLAY] 8:00pm~11:00pm
●December 29 (Fri) 
 [PLAY] 8:00pm~11:00pm
●December 30 (Sat) DJ AIRI KIRISHIMA
 [PLAY] 8:00pm~11:00pm

Holiday Special 

December 24 (Sun) [PLAY] 6:00pm~0:00am 
DJ AIRI KIRISHIMA/ DJ NAMI/Asuka Sato feat Ksuke Tanaka/Ksuke Tanaka with Ran Kitabatake

December 25 (Mon) [PLAY] 8:00pm~11:00pm

Countdown Special 

December 31 (Sun)  [PLAY] 6:00pm~1:00am
DJ AIRI KIRISHIMA/ Ksuke Tanaka With NIYA/DJ DAI/Asuka Sato feat Ksuke Tanaka/DJ NAMI/Ksuke Tanaka with Ran Kitabatake
Oshi Mug

■How to Play
1.Pass 3-KNOT Coins as a entrance fee (Visitor is 5-KNOT Coins) , and get chef’s plate.
2.Please choose your favorite from the menu.
3.Go to the counter with KNOT Coins and order.
4.Let’s exchange KNOT Coins at the counter if you need more.

■KNOT Coin Price
5-KNOT Coins ¥1,000 (Included tax)

Ksuke Tanaka
Ran Kitabatake
Oshi Mug

Creator information

Active until 2019 as “Larval Stage Planning” and “Airi Kirishima”, a singer in the music production group “I’ve” based in Sapporo, Hokkaido.
Started DJ activities as “DJ AIRI KIRISHIMA” in 2016. He is currently based at Sapporo Sound lab mole with his powerful play style that is not bound by any genre, and in May 2019, it was announced that he will be the Resident DJ of the anime song remix event “Ximer NosinA”, and he is currently working to utilize his own play style.

■NAMI / ( Nami Maisaki / NAMI MAISAKI )
Born in Hokkaido, September 8th, Virgo, blood type O

Influenced by his parents, he spent his early childhood listening to ABBA, and since the age of two and a half he has been learning classical piano and has won numerous competitions. He also holds his own recitals.
Larval Stage Planning was formed in 2010, became a member, made a major debut in 2011, and since the beginning of his career as a music composer, he graduated from school in the spring of 2014.
After that, she participated in the music for the drama version of Idol Memories.
She was enthusiastically engaged in music production and released numerous songs.
She is a next-generation composer who is expected to play an active role in the future.

DJ/track maker living in Hokkaido.

It covers a wide range of musicality such as House and Crossover around DRUM & BASS, and is characterized by creating a full-fledged sound backed by experience.
Provision of music for KONAMI’s arcade game “DANCERUSH STARDOM”, release from TREKKIE TRAX and CARPAINTER’s song Remix, THE GAME SHOP’s song Remi He is active in a wide range of ways, such as doing x.
He also hosts “VEGOUT” and delivers GOOD MUSIC and GOOD VIBES to the floor.

Born in 1996. A track maker and DJ living in Sapporo.

Performs music production and DJing that incorporates 90s dance music into modern sensibilities. Various activities such as releasing independently produced songs, providing songs to Sapporo City and clients, and performing at dance music events.
Also released Atmospheric Entry EP for dance music label “TREKKIE TRAX”, Released Feel Dolphin EP for “NC4K”, etc. I do.

DJ/Producer living in Sapporo.

Started activities in 2015, and received acclaim for his selection of songs with electronica and IDM as the backbone.
The possibilities of expression as a DJ are explored in various forms every day, such as the fusion of otaku culture and his own musicality in the long DJ mixes “AQUARIUS” and “HEAVEN”, and the SF-based world view event “Nestnomicon”. I am exploring.
In addition, he started composing in earnest after the corona disaster in 2020, and is also actively working as a producer, participating in compilations, providing remixes to artists, and releasing his personal EP “SOREKARA”

■Asuka Sato / ASUKA SATO
From Hokkaido, born on January 25, Aquarius type A

“Sing to live, play this feeling”
After graduating from high school, entered a music vocational school in Sapporo.
After learning various things about music, he started writing lyrics and composing, and at the same time she was enthusiastic about performing at live events.
After that, while working as an assistant at a radio station, she learned by watching artists appearing as guests.
In 2015, she participated in the Takahashi Group All Road Karaoke Awards and won the Grand Prix.
December 2018: Having been evaluated by Kazuya Takase for her singing ability and expressiveness, she participated in I’ve ORIGINAL Compilations -F-ive elements- and continues to this day.

■Ksuke Tanaka
Born in Esashi Town, Hokkaido, in 1979.
As a pianist, keyboardist, composer/arranger, stage director, screenwriter, producer, and radio personality, he produces music for television, radio, and commercials, produces CDs, and appears in the media. , Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Vietnam, China and other countries around the world rock, pops, jazz, Latin, gospel concerts, Japanese musical instruments representing Japan such as the Yoshida brothers, Kasumi, Nitta parent and child, the world of folk song artists He accompanies tours, plays the piano as well as performs as a general director and stage director for concerts, produces events at shopping malls such as Ario Sapporo and Sapporo Factory, produces artists, and conducts international cultural exchange projects.

■Ran Kitabatake
Born in Date City

Moved to Osaka alone at the age of 17. While coming into contact with artists and the music scene in various fields, she learned about the profession of a club singer.
Started music activities at the age of 19. Moved the base of activities to Sapporo and successively served as a vocalist at music live bars. Activities such as chorus support are diverse.
In charge of opening acts for major artists such as Terumasa Hino, Fried Pride, Okan, and coba.
Currently in charge of lyrics and vocals for the festival piano band “wacca.” with pianist Ksuke Tanaka. In addition to performing nationwide tours, we also provide music.

■Tsugaru shamisen Shinoya

Raised in Yaboro Island, Haboro Town.
Born on March 12, 1994. Real name (Shinya Sasaki)
Started learning the Tsugaru Shamisen at the age of 7 and became an apprentice to the third generation Nippon Ichi Toshihiko Sato. In 2013, he won the national championship in the A-class division at the “Tsugaru Shamisen Japan Championship” held in Aomori Prefecture. He has also won many national championships in the ensemble section. As a member of the Japan-U.S. Goodwill Ambassadors and the Japan-China Goodwill Ambassadors, including Hokkaido and Tokyo, he has expanded his activities overseas, working tirelessly to convey the charm of Japanese traditional music to people around the world. He is now working hard to teach the disciples left behind by his late master, and since 2012 he has been involved in music education, including teaching as a music instructor at high schools in the Sapporo area, passing on the charm of the Tsugaru shamisen to the next generation. He performs at clubs and live houses, challenging the possibilities of Tsugaru Shamisen like never before. He has collaborated with a variety of famous artists, regardless of genre, including creating background music for DJs, fashion shows, and successful sessions with brass bands. He is a Tsugaru shamisen player representing Hokkaido.

■Oshi Mug / VJ
Mainly active as a VJ in Sapporo. Projection mapping, video production, etc. Activities are wide-ranging.