[NEWS]Seasonal Salad Lunch 6/1(Wed)~

May 24, 2022

[NEWS]Seasonal Salad Lunch 6/1(Wed)~

LES BOIS on the 2nd floor has started serving a limited number of lunches with plenty of Hokkaido vegetables.
It is a healthy and satisfying one-plate lunch.
You can choose from two types of dressings, so you can change the taste.

[Price] ¥1,500(Iculuded tax)

[About Menu]
Seasonal Mixed Salad from Hokkaido farm
Quinua and Amaranthus
Mixed Beans
Corn Cream Soup
Fresh Fruits

◆Your Choice of the Grill
Grilled Chicken Breast or Grilled Swordfish
Rice or Bread

◆Your Choice of Dressing
(Honey, Onion, Caesar, Sesame and Pepper, Japanese Oil-free)

◆ Free-flow of Soft drink, Tea and Coffee

There are also a variety of charging spots, so you can use it for work or meetings over lunch.