【Installation】 Machikado no Izumi (fountain on the street corner) at KADO Gallery

Mar 03, 2021

“‘What is essential is invisible to the eye,’ said the fox. So it is. I had forgotten that too.”

At KADO Gallery on the first floor of the lifestyle hotel THE KNOT SAPPORO, next to Tanukikoji on Ekimae-dori, a variety of solo exhibitions, installations, and workshops are held on a regular basis.

This current installation is by glass artist Daisuke Takatomi. Machikado no Izumi is based on the theme, “‘What is essential is invisible to the eye,’ said the fox. So it is. I had forgotten that too.” and is a space to experience, not just visit.
* Free entry

Daisuke Takatomi’s work has been featured in the guest rooms of THE KNOT SAPPORO since it opened, as an elegant tray for used coffee filters or teabags.

If you are interested, the works in the exhibition can be made available for sale. For all the latest information on this and more, please visit THE KNOT SAPPORO website or Instagram.

Chefs at Sapporo Senshuan’s main store, newly renovated but in the original spot, have been making sweets with the delicious groundwater that has been available there for centuries. There is even a drinking fountain in the corner of their store there for you to taste this water too. The theme of the installation was inspired by this water, pumped from 90 meters underground and selected in 2008 as a ‘famous water of Sapporo’; the 100-year-old sweets shop Sapporo Senshuan; and the relationships between the people of Sapporo. 
* the drinking fountain remains open

This striking installation is free and open to all, so please pop in for a visit anytime.

About the Artist
Glass artist, Daisuke Takatomi

Operates a glass workshop and cafe glagla in Tsukiura, on Lake Toya in Hokkaido. His work centers on recreations of daily household goods like kitchenware and lighting fixtures using his unique worldview and interpretations.