KNOT HOUR -Music Night-

Aug 22, 2023

KNOT HOUR -Music Night-

THE KNOT HIROSHIMA will be held “KNOT HOUR -Music Night-” every Saturday.
DJs active in the Hiroshima area gather on the top floor. Enjoy the live sound with original cocktails by the bartender at the rooftop bar.

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[Hours] 2:00pm~11:00pm (L.O.10:30pm)
[Venue] 14F Kei

[Schedule in August]
●August 5 (Sat)  DJ TOKO / DJ Lon / DJ Sora
 [PLAY] 8:00pm~11:00pm
●August 12 (Sat) DJ UP-P / DJ chacolabb / DOM-AUTO
 [PLAY] 8:00pm~11:00pm
●August 19 (Sat) DJ Yaskul / DJ miku / DJ JHON
 [PLAY] 8:00pm~11:00pm
●August 26 (Sat) DJ acha / DJ KANTA / DJ MAKIKO / DJ Tiger Dancer
 [PLAY] 8:00pm~11:00pm

[Schedule in September]
●September 2 (Sat) DJ Yaskul / DJ Sora / DJ KAZUKI
 [PLAY] 8:00pm~11:00pm
●September 9 (Sat) DJ ENSYU / DJ UP-P / DJ acha / DJ Tiger dancer
 [PLAY] 8:00pm~11:00pm
●September 16(Sat) DJ Lon / DJ miku / DJ MAKIKO
 [PLAY] 8:00pm~11:00pm
●September 23(Sat) DJ Marina a.k.a. MOMIJI BAZOOKA / DJ Cokia/ DJ Sym4
 [PLAY] 8:00pm~11:00pm
●September 30(Sat) DJ vert / DJ Maya / DJ TOKO / DOM-AUTO
 [PLAY] 8:00pm~11:00pm

■How to play
1. Pass 2-KNOT Coins as a entrance fee, and get a little pot of snacks and sweets.
2. Please choose your favorite from the menu.
3. Go to the counter with KNOT Coins and order.
4. Let’s exchange KNOT Coins at the counter if you need more.

■KNOT Coin Price
5-KNOT Coins ¥1,000(Included tax)

DJ chacolabb
DJ Yaskul
DJ miku
DJ Tiger Dancer
DJ 空
DJ Lon
DJ acha
DJ Cokia
DJ Sym4
DJ vert
DJ Maya

Creator information

■DJ chacolabb
DJ living in Okayama Prefecture.
At an event, he saw a DJ singing and dancing with everyone, and he wanted to do it himself, so he learned it at a DJ school. From 2023, based on the concept of “more familiar DJs”, at a cafe near Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter, he plans and regularly performs DJ performances.

■DJ Yaskul
SJ CLAN Leader
HIPHOP CREW representing Chugoku-Shikoku Regional is the leader of the dance team SJ CLAN, which is called “Aggressive Momiji Manju” born in Hiroshima. As a DJ, he is active as a dance battle DJ and floor DJ under the name of “DJ Yaskul”. Centered on the 90s, he has a reputation for his dancer-like selections, including his remixes, and is active not only in Hiroshima Prefecture but also outside the prefecture! His favorite foods are chicken and curry!

In 2005, he started his DJ career with an event at a club called SLUM in Nagarekawa, Hiroshima. Improved his skills as a regular DJ every Saturday at clubs such as SLUM and B.O.B that existed at the time, In 2011, there were many foreigners at Club TWISTERS’ Regular DJ in Nagarekawa, Hiroshima. He was honing his skills in the audience. After that, he worked as a regular DJ at Club G and Club L2. In recent years, he serves as a back DJ for the rapper 2-EIGHT, who has been active widely.

Toko started DJing in Saijo, Hiroshima in 2017. From the following year, she started her activities in Hiroshima city, focusing on HIP-HOP and Drum’n’Bass, and now she offers a space where guests can enjoy parties and situations, regardless of genre. She has played at various clubs and venues inside and outside the prefecture, and has a reputation for flexibility. On the second Friday of every month at Nagarekawa’s club, AGIT, she hosts an allgenre event “Nod Ya Head!” that gathers young DJs. She is also active as an organizer, such as hosting the HIP HOP & REGGAE crossover event “Savage” in Hiroshima and Tokyo.

HIPHOP, R&B, four-on-the-floor. All-genre DJ event “Turntablism@AGIT” is being held on the 4th Thursday of every month.
Brother DJ unit “Oingo Boingo” older brother.
DJ Battle IDA JAPAN Show Category 2018 & 2019 → 3rd place, 2021 → 2nd place.

■DJ miku
Started DJ career in 2017. In Hiroshima, she has performed at parties of various genres such as House and Bass music, and from 2020 she will be a Resident DJ of the club. In 2022, she challenged the DMC DJ Battle.

■DJ Tiger Dancer
Started playing drums at the age of 10 and participated in SONY and YAMAHA tournaments with a band. It was decided that it would appear on TV and it would go all over the country. From the age of 20, he worked independently and released his 2nd single “Stiff shoulder song”. After that, he appeared in many events held at the site of the former citizen baseball stadium in Hiroshima. Currently, he started DJing and is training every day in pursuit of music that makes everyone dance unintentionally. Look forward to it♪

Born in 1997, Born in Yamaguchi, lives in Hiroshima, DJ
As a student, she was overwhelmed by KREVA’s live performances, and has since developed a great interest in the fields of music and entertainment. After that, she became a hip-hop DJ under the influence of her older brother. Japanese rap is mainly selected. Among them, it is characterized by a wide selection of songs from current to classical. Currently serving as a Resident DJ for the regular event “Turntablism” held at AGIT.

In 2000, he was fascinated by the turntable rhythm when he saw his master DJ TERU play. After that, he participated in numerous DJ competitions, refined his skills, and built his own style mainly with ambidextrous scratching. In 2016, he was ranked 2nd in the world at the IDA World DJ CHAMPIONSHIP. In recent years, he has focused on cultivating turntablists for future generations and established DJ SCHOOL “SDC.” in Hiroshima. In 2017, he hosted Japan’s first IDA JAPAN CHAMPIONSHIP in Hiroshima. 2018 Participated in Japan’s first urban sports world tournament “FISE WORLD SERIES HIROSHIMA” as a SHOW DJ. Based in Hiroshima, he is doing trial and error every day to spread the appeal of DJs nationwide.

■DJ acha
Born in Hiroshima. While working as an architect, she became interested in the relationship between space and music and started DJ activities. Weave music with a unique sensibility centered on HIPHOP and POPS. Active mainly in Hiroshima.

■DJ Sora
Resident DJ at Chugoku and Shikoku’s largest Club HERBIE In the history of large-scale festival appearances, it was held in 2019 Appearing on the main stage at Music Circus @PayPay Dome! In recent years, he has performed at the Hiroshima Night Festival held as a city revitalization project! Not only clubs, but DJ appearances at various events.

In 2021, he watched the video of the world’s highest tournament DMC and started DJing with a strong longing for turntablism. He is also a member of DJ crew BDD’s who holds “SPIKE” in Shimane Prefecture, He is pursuing and exploring DJ play that incorporates turntablism techniques such as scratch and beat juggling.

■DJ Lon
In 2020, he started his career, fascinated by the skills of DJs in clubs. After that, in addition to his activities as a Resident DJ at club L2, he is aiming for a Genreless Play that handles not only HIPHOP and R&B but also LATIN and electro music by touching music at many events. At the same time, he is honing his scratching skills and playing not only songs but also his own performances.

Born in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, he has been actively involved in a wide variety of club performances, showcases, battles, and mix productions in and around Fukuyama City since 2012. He is currently pursuing his own musicality on turntables with his originality centered on sampling music.
2018 DMC JAPAN Chugoku and Shikoku Preliminary Rounds 3rd
2018 IDA JAPAN FINALIST (Technical Categoly)
2020 IDA JAPAN ONLINE FINALIST (Technical Categoly)
2023 DMC JAPAN FINALIST (Battle Category)

Born in 99/From Hiroshima, Japan he debuted in 2023 as a DJ. Until then, he was an event organizer and a MC for rapper. Basically he listens to the music of various genres, but his most favorites are Hip Hop. He’s inexperienced as a DJ, but he plays DJ with respect to music culture and history.

■DJ Marina a.k.a. MOMIJI BAZOOKA
After coming to Hiroshima 8 years ago, she was influenced by the HIP HOP club scene in Hiroshima and started DJing about 3 years ago. She is based in Hiroshima, holding DJ events not only in clubs but also in street stores and Alice’s Garden. She plays a wide range of genres, mainly HIP HOP.

■DJ Cokia
Genre/HOUSE, R&B, POPS When she was a student, she listened to CDs such as Ayumi Hamasaki’s Eurobeat “ayu-ro-mix” and DJ HIROKI’s “R&B HOUSE”, and was fascinated by remixed and mixed music. She also likes music around the ’90s and to pursue “a space that everyone can enjoy regardless of generation”. She has been improving her DJ skills under DJ DOM-AUTO every day, since February 2023.

Sym4 started DJing in 2021 after watching a video of Tomorrow Land, one of the world’s largest festival events, while in high school and being strongly moved by the event. He is a resident DJ at one of the biggest nightclubs in Chugoku and Shikoku, “HERBIE”. He is also a member of BDD’s, the DJ crew of “SPIKE” held in Shimane Prefecture. He pursues and explores every day to improve his skills and techniques in all genres of music selection, scratching, etc.

■DJ Maya
Born in Hiroshima, Japan Started listening to HipHop when she was a sophomore in high school. She was attracted to Japanese rap music, which has an unwavering style and diverse values. After that, she started to yearn for HIP HOP DJs in clubs and learned at a DJ school. She participates in “Turntablism” held at AGIT on the 4th Thursday of every month.