Hiroshima Magazine -Issue 01-1 Introduction

Sep 22, 2021

Hiroshima Magazine -Issue 01-1 Introduction


Beautiful nature, a mild climate, delicious produce.


Blessed with an innately rich environment. The city’s painful past makes today’s small joys more radiant. Here, we learn that if we cherish only what is truly important each day, we can achieve true happiness.

When we experience the history, life, culture and of Hiroshima, we return to our essence of being human. For example, before having a meal, think about who you are eating with, not what you are eating. Who do we live for, not what do we live for.

In this breathtaking city of islands, you can feel the magnificent sea and breathe the fresh mountain air. As your gaze drifts towards the vast blue, tracing the afterimage of the light reflected on the water’s surface, you think of the past, the present, and the future.

What is peace?
What is freedom?
What is fairness?
What is justice?
And what is true wealth?

In our world where different types of human coexist, understanding the value of diversity is a powerful way to lead us to a more peaceful coexistence. THE KNOT is a place where diverse cultures mingle, people meet, and cultural exchanges occur.

Two old friends catch up. They have a drink and they chat. About themselves, the world, and the future. A purely happy moment that they want to last forever.

We believe that true wealth is made of experiences. At THE KNOT HIROSHIMA, countless stories are made and told, each one offering a chance to gain this wealth. We want to be a place that is remembered by its visitors.

You have a favorite team that you want to loudly cheer on. They are like a family you want to spend the good times with, and persevere through the sad times with. You have a favorite restaurant that you go to all the time, no matter how much the times have changed. It’s a special place you feel at home just by seeing the owner and regulars. Those tantalizing and endearing feelings, which cannot be explained by logic alone, are “affection.”

In this new era where having diverse sets of values is becoming more accepted, having our own unique preferences make each one of us more interesting. We embrace juunin toiro (ten people, ten colors), a Japanese proverb that reminds us that no two people are the same, and the things we feel affection towards are diverse too. As you experience the city of Hiroshima by meeting the locals and getting to know what they have affection for, you will discover new landscapes and unexpected encounters in abundance.

Travelers with diverse backgrounds from all over the world visit this peaceful city of Hiroshima. In this magazine, we share personal anecdotes and favorites of this city that you won’t find in guidebooks.

So, come join us. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in Hiroshima awaits.