THE KNOT SAPPORO Magazine -Issue 01-7

Jan 22, 2021

THE KNOT SAPPORO Magazine -Issue 01-7


Next to the entrance of THE KNOT SAPPORO, there is an open gallery space called KADO. We call it a gallery loosely, for it is a space that can be transformed without restrictions on its functions or uses.

Text by Michiko Kurushima. Translation by Susie Krieble, Kana Koike, and Ari Murata.
Photo by Mayumi Yamauchi

KADO Gallery, A Centre for Culture

The opening of KADO Gallery marks the start of its first exhibition under the theme ofThe Mountains”. Tabloid interviewees Shigeaki Adachi and Takeshi Jinnouchi, alongside outwoods member Mayumi Yamauchi, curated this exhibition featuring objects they come across every day in the mountains that have been brought into the city.

Tetsuya Kino is the planning director for this inaugural exhibition. He is also the art curator for THE KNOT SAPPORO, and has been working on connecting the hotel and artists.

“I wanted to create something that went beyond the usual expectations or assumptions about a gallery. For this opening project, I wanted people to feel a part of the lives of those who reside in the mountains—from their work practices, to the daily scents, to the scenery. I wanted to create a space with a pop-up mountain in the city.”

KADO is not only a space for artists to showcase their works but a space to be challenged. In this unique space belonging to a hotel, artists have a chance to introduce new cultures and creative expressions to a large and diverse audience.

“outwoods” with woods and cities —Visible From the Forest, Seen In Sapporo City—

August 1, 2020 (Saturday) – October 18, 2020
10:00 AM – 11:30  PM 
Curators: Shigeaki Adachi, Takeshi Jinnouchi, Mayumi Yamauchi, and others
Direction: Tetsuya Kino

文化芸術プロデューサー。1978年北斗市出身。THE KNOT SAPPOROのアートキュレーター。飛生アートコミュニティー、ウイマム文化芸術プロジェクト、いぶり工藝舎など数々のディレクターを務める。