Seasonal Autumn Afternoon Tea

September 07, 2023

Seasonal Autumn Afternoon Tea

A chic seasonal afternoon tea featuring the flavors of autumn.
Treat yourself with sweets such as Mont Blanc and pears, pintxos, pumpkin soup, and more.

Enjoy the taste of Autumn, such as Mont Blanc and Pear Verrine with rich flavor, Apple Chiboust, which has a mild fruit flavor and texture.

The savory is gorgeously decorated with “Pear and Raisin Butter” and “Smoked Salmon Roll with Cream Cheese”.

Yogurt made with figs has a slight of sweetness.

Mini Shake Salad with Cassis Maron dressing. Crispy panini will be delivered freshly baked.
Treat yourself and enjoy a pleasant time with our seasonal Afternoon Tea!

[Hours] 11:00am – 3:00pm
[Price] ¥5,000(Tax included.)

Pairing Drink
・Tea Sparkling Chocolate Mojito

Tea Sparkling Chocolate Mojito

Tea Cakes
・Montblanc and Pear Verrine
・Apple Chiboust
・Pannier de Chocolat Poire
・Glacage Chocolate Noir
・Macaron Chocolate

・Pear and Raisin Butter, Prosciutto Pinchos
・Smoked Salmon Roll with Cream Cheese
・Fig Yogurt Appetizer

・Salad and Dressing (Cassis Maron)
・Pumpkin Soup

・Prosciutto and Mozzarella Panini
・Mascarpone Ice Cream with Rosehip Affogato